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  1. 4,643 downloads
    gorm (0.0.7) A code-Generating Object Relational Mapper for use with Qt and SQLite.
  2. 64,690 downloads
    gorp (0.28.1) Enables the creation of scenarios that involve creating a rails project, starting and sto...
  3. 1,844 downloads
    gors (0.0.7) A web framework built on top of Rack, it has the simplicity of sinatra and the structure of rails
  4. 273 downloads
    gorsuch-redis (3.0.0.rc1) A simple Ruby client trying to match Redis' API one-to-one while still providing a Rubystic i...
  5. 76 downloads
    gorthaur (1.0.0) Watch yourself coding
  6. 4,263 downloads
    goruby (0.2.0) GoRuby makes it easy to interact with the Gene Ontology by using the infrastructure setup in R. B...
  7. 12,047 downloads
    gosen (0.2.0) Gosen is a Ruby library providing high-level operations using the Grid'5000 RESTful API, such as ...
  8. 2,307 downloads
    gosh (1.0.1) Security theater for piped shell scripts.
  9. 6,299 downloads
    goshortener (1.2.2) GoShortener uses Google URL shortener service to shorten/expand urls.
  10. 11,575 downloads
    goshrine_bot (0.2.0) The GoShrine bot client is a library that allows you connect a local Go playing program that spea...
  11. 293 downloads
    gosleap (0.1.0) Makes a gosling jump across your screen.
  12. 869 downloads
    go_social (0.1.0) This gem helps to add various social widgets that are commonly used by rails applications. Suppor...
  13. 1,487 downloads
    gosquared (0.1.5) For use with the API and for tracking metrics
  14. 3,270 downloads
    go_squared (0.0.3) Currently only the trends part is covered
  15. 1,438 downloads
    gossamer (0.1) Gossamer is a web framework that emphasizes the use of distributed, independent resources. With G...
  16. 4,250 downloads
    gossip (0.3.2) Library to broadcast messages to multiple destinations + scripts that use it
  17. 2,541 downloads
    gossiper (0.5.2) Eases the creation of email messages as well as user notification systems
  18. 5,443 downloads
    go_static (0.1.1) GoStatic uses the shell utility wkhtmltoimage to serve an image file to a user from HTML. You sim...
  19. 1,456 downloads
    gost_frames ( Library for creation page frames of Russian GOST standard.
  20. 224,820 downloads
    gosu (0.7.50) 2D game development library. Gosu features easy to use and game-friendly interfaces to 2D gr...
  21. 2,167 downloads
    gosu_android (0.0.5) Gosu-Android is an implementation for Android devices of the multiplatform Gosu library.
  22. 205 downloads
    gosu_enhanced (0.3.0) Point, Size, and Region classes to hold pixel addresses and rectangle sizes respectively. Update...
  23. 65,759 downloads
    gosu_extensions (0.3.8) Default extensions built onto the popular Gosu Framework. Uses Chipmunk for game physics. That's ...
  24. 1,185 downloads
    gosu-keyboard (0.1.8) A DSL for easily defining keyboard events for a Gosu::Window
  25. 1,038 downloads
    got (0.0.2) You meant git.
  26. 2,485 downloads
    gotaku (0.3.0) Gotaku is a 5tq parser.
  27. 1,449 downloads
    gotasks (0.0.0) Rake tasks and rules for compiling go projects (
  28. 109 downloads
    gotasku (0.0.0) A gem to download SGFs of go problems
  29. 106 downloads
    gotatestlorem (0.0.1) test program to practice making gem
  30. 17,828 downloads
    gotcha (0.0.6) A smart captcha library