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  1. 602 downloads
    i (0.1.0) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  2. 20,774 downloads
    i0n_rails3_generators (0.2.19) Custom Rails 3 Generators
  3. 9,338 downloads
    i15r (0.5.2) The internationalizer. Replaces plain text strings in your views and replaces them with I18n mess...
  4. 33,733,100 downloads
    i18n (0.6.9) New wave Internationalization support for Ruby.
  5. 4,883 downloads
    i18n_action_mailer (0.2.2) ActionMailer to use the I18n library without affecting the controllers language
  6. 17,259 downloads
    i18n-active_record (0.0.2) [description]
  7. 736 downloads
    i18n-active_record-backend (0.1.0) I18n ActiveRecord backend. Allows to store translations in a database using ActiveRecord, e.g. fo...
  8. 479 downloads
    i18n_admin_utils (1.0.0) Utils to help manage translation in a rails application. Support simple and active record backend...
  9. 1,947 downloads
    i18n-airbrake (0.0.2) Notifies Airbrake when you miss a translation
  10. 3,730 downloads
    i18n_alchemy (0.2.0) I18n date/number parsing/localization
  11. 6,677 downloads
    i18n_attributes (0.1.6) A generate model attributes I18n locale files plugin for Rails3.
  12. 4,263 downloads
    i18n_auto_scoping (0.2.2) I18nAutoScoping is a plugin for Ruby on Rails that lets you easily add auto-scope in your I18n tr...
  13. 1,557 downloads
    i18n_backend_database (0.0.1) A database backend for Rails i18n
  14. 257 downloads
    i18n_backend_database3 (0.0.1.alpha) This is a port of dylanz's rails plugin by the same name, over to a Rails 3 compatible gem. It: ...
  15. 1,035 downloads
    i18n_backend_database_rails3 (0.2.0) This is a gem based on the original repo of Dylan Stamat, which add's cool functions to manage i18n
  16. 9,858 downloads
    i18n-backend-http (0.1.2) Rails I18n Backend for Http APIs with etag-aware background polling and memory+[memcache] caching
  17. 3,906 downloads
    i18n_backend_sequel (0.2.0) I18n backend which allows to store/get the translations from a database using a sequel.
  18. 4,745 downloads
    i18n_column (0.1.0) This extension provides the capabilities of storing and retrieving translations from a single dat...
  19. 10,166 downloads
    i18n-complements (0.0.10) I18n missing functionnalities
  20. 21,880 downloads
    i18n_country_select (1.1.0) A simple country code select helper that works with I18n translations. Works exactly the same as ...
  21. 33,116 downloads
    i18n-country-translations (1.0.2) The purpose of this gem is to simply provide country translations. The gem is intended to be easy...
  22. 3,114 downloads
    i18n_csv (0.1.7) One extends standard I18n so that you could store your translations in a Comma-Separated Value fi...
  23. 1,498 downloads
    i18n_dashboard (0.1.5) Rails Engine for I18n management with redis as backend.
  24. 149,918 downloads
    i18n_data (0.4.1) country/language names and 2-letter-code pairs, in 85 languages
  25. 5,563 downloads
    i18n-date (0.0.7) This gems is a monkey patch to Date class, that allows to take any Spanish/Portuguese date into a...
  26. 3,146 downloads
    i18n-docs (0.0.7) GEM providing helper scripts to manage i18n translations in Google Docs. Features: check YAML fil...
  27. 27,313 downloads
    i18nema (0.0.8) drop-in replacement for I18n::Backend::Simple for faster lookups and quicker gc runs. translation...
  28. 325 downloads
    i18nema19 (0.0.8) drop-in replacement for I18n::Backend::Simple for faster lookups and quicker gc runs. translation...
  29. 1,338 downloads
    i18n_emails (0.1.0) I18nEmails makes it easy to create and maintain I18n emails in Rails apps. Using I18n in lar...
  30. 3,275 downloads
    i18n-export (1.0.2) Provides exporting functionality for subtrees of I18n translations. Includes Railtie for Rails 3...