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  1. 22,213 downloads
    itslog (0.6.1) `itslog` is a log formatter designed to aid rails 3 development. \
  2. 901 downloads
    its-minitest (0.0.1) Adds support for its syntax to minitest.
  3. 931 downloads
    itsniluntilyoushipit (0.0.2) The only gem in the world that's capable of telling you if your project is nil or not
  4. 351 downloads
    itsu (0.1.0) Simple Time library. The goal is to check on regularly occurring events in a business cycle, such...
  5. 3,735 downloads
    itsucks-compass-960-plugin (0.10.0) The 960 Grid System is an effort to streamline web development workflow by providing commonly use...
  6. 278 downloads
    itsy-btc (0.0.1) itsy-btc is a simple secure bitcoin wallet that allows you to turn an offline computer into a har...
  7. 1,857 downloads
    it_tools (0.0.2) tasks include checking in all of my repositories either internal or externally
  8. 7,787 downloads
    itu_codes (0.4.9) Helper library for telephone country codes based on the official International Telecommunications...
  9. 362 downloads
    itudes (0.0.1) Utility library to simplify dealing with multitudes
  10. 2,065 downloads
    ituner (0.0.3) control iTunes using Ruby
  11. 14,952 downloads
    itunes (0.6.0) iTunes API
  12. 3,077 downloads
    itunes-affiliate (0.0.3) This gem provides you with an ItunesLink class that simplifies adding affiliate information to it...
  13. 353 downloads
    itunes-affiliate-link (1.0) A simple gem to automate creation of PHG iTunes affiliate links.
  14. 2,784 downloads
    iTunesAmazon (0.0.2) This is a handy little program that provides super useful stats about your iTunes library, includ...
  15. 1,413 downloads
    itunes_app_reviews (0.0.3) Scrapes iTunes for app reviews
  16. 2,267 downloads
    itunes-charts (1.0.1) A simple rubygem to retrieve itunes charts from
  17. 1,277 downloads
    itunes-cli (0.1.0) a command line interface for itunes (only supports windows/cygwin currently)
  18. 4,470 downloads
    itunes-client (0.1.7) iTunes client with high level API
  19. 3,347 downloads
    itunes-command (1.6-universal-darwin-9) Search, queue, and play iTunes tracks from the command line.
  20. 7,528 downloads
    itunes-connect (0.13.0) Programmatic and command-line access to iTunes Connect Reports
  21. 860 downloads
    itunes-controller (0.1.0) A application to control enable iTunes to be operated on a headless server without the GUI. It pr...
  22. 541 downloads
    itunes_crawler (0.1.0) ITunesCrawler provides an easy way to download the requested iTunes data through Apple's Search API.
  23. 2,151 downloads
    itunes_csv (0.0.3) Export iTunes Library XML data to CSV
  24. 983 downloads
    itunes_epf (0.0.1) A ruby library to access the iTunes EPF feeds
  25. 4,330 downloads
    itunes_ingestion (0.3.0) A simple port of Apple itunes Autoingestion tool to ruby.
  26. 2,917 downloads
    itunes_link_maker (1.0.1) Create iTunes links
  27. 3,138 downloads
    itunes-observer (0.1.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  28. 12,896 downloads
    itunes-receipt (1.0.0) Handle iTunes In App Purchase Receipt Verification
  29. 4,528 downloads
    itunes_review (0.0.5) iTunes review list
  30. 4,504 downloads
    itunes-rm-dups (0.3.1-universal-darwin-9) This ruby gem allows a OS X Leopard user to remove duplicate tracks from her iTunes library and f...