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  1. 1,002 downloads
    jruby-rack-standalone-jetty (0.0.1) A simple standalone jetty launcher for jruby rack apps
  2. 17,164 downloads
    jruby-rack-worker (0.10.0) Implements a thread based worker pattern on top of JRuby-Rack. Useful if you'd like to run backgr...
  3. 679 downloads
    jruby-readability (0.5.6) Port of arc90's readability project to ruby
  4. 10,163 downloads
    jruby-rfc2445 (0.6.4) A JRuby implementation of RFC 2445 (ical) recurrence rule
  5. 218 downloads
    jruby-safe (0.2.2-java) A version of _why's Freaky Freaky Sandbox for JRuby.
  6. 4,931 downloads
    jruby_sandbox (0.2.2-java) A version of _why's Freaky Freaky Sandbox for JRuby.
  7. 2,848 downloads
    jruby-scala (0.1.1) A Scala integration library for JRuby that allows using Procs as Scala functions, including Scala...
  8. 5,138 downloads
    jruby-scala-collections (0.1.4) Interoperability layer for passing JRuby & Scala collections back and forth. See for mo...
  9. 1,385 downloads
    jruby-serviceproxy (0.1.4) Lightweight SOAP library for Ruby
  10. 3,988 downloads
    jruby-slick (1.1.3) A command line tool for downloading and unzipping all the basic jar files of the slick2d library.
  11. 3,705 downloads
    jruby-spymemcached (0.0.1) A JRuby extension wrapping the spymemcached library
  12. 4,844 downloads
    jrubysql (0.1.8) SQL client for any JDBC-compliant database. Written in JRuby.
  13. 1,164 downloads
    jruby-stemmer (0.0.1-java) Native java implementation of a string stemming algorithm. JRuby replacement for `fast-stemmer` g...
  14. 16,097 downloads
    jruby_streaming_update_solr_server (0.5.3) Some sugar on top of StreamingUpdateSolrServer for use within JRuby
  15. 4,305 downloads
    jruby_threach (0.4.1-java) Run a block of code in multiple threads. Similar to threach, but with the ability to deal with br...
  16. 403 downloads
    jruby-unboundid_ldap-jars (2.3.3-java) ["Bundled version of UnboundID LDAP SDK"]
  17. 1,928 downloads
    jruby-vijava ( JRuby-vijava is the VMware Infrastructure (vSphere) Java API packaged for use with JRuby. This ve...
  18. 589 downloads
    jruby_visualizer (0.2) A Gem for visualizing JRuby compiler artifacts
  19. 1,091 downloads
    jruby-warck (1.1.2) Kinda like warbler, except WAR-only and contained in a single Rakefile.
  20. 355 downloads
    jruby_whirr (0.0.1) jruby_whirr is a Jruby gem of Apache Whirr
  21. 22,531 downloads
    jruby-win32ole (0.8.5) A Gem for win32ole support on JRuby
  22. 408 downloads
    jruby-zk (3.4.5) Simple wrapper around ZooKeeper Jars for JRuby
  23. 1,372 downloads
    jrust-ssl_requirement (1.0.9) SSL requirement adds a declarative way of specifying that certain actions should only be allowed ...
  24. 2,291 downloads
    jrzmq ( ZeroMQ JRuby Bindings using JeroMQ.
  25. 780 downloads
    js (0.0.1) embed a JavaScript interpreter
  26. 39,143 downloads
    js2 (0.3.21) Javascript Sugar: A superset of the Javascript language to make development easier.
  27. 1,412 downloads
    js2bookmarklet (1.0.0) Utility to create a bookmarklet from a JavaScript file
  28. 117 downloads
    js2json (0.1.0) It is a library to convert from JavaScript to JSON.
  29. 663 downloads
    js-asset_paths (0.1.2) Access paths to compiled assets from in javascript.
  30. 798 downloads
    js-asset-paths (0.0.1) Load the rails asset pipeline manifest in the browser, so it can be used from there.