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  1. 4,331 downloads
    ktheory-right_aws (2.0.3) == DESCRIPTION: The RightScale AWS gems have been designed to provide a robust, fast, and secure...
  2. 1,422 downloads
    ktheory-vlad (2.0.0) Vlad the Deployer is pragmatic application deployment automation, without mercy. Much like Capis...
  3. 3,391 downloads
    ktheory-vlad-git (2.1.1) Vlad plugin for Git support. This was previously part of Vlad, but all modules outside the core r...
  4. 1,348 downloads
    kth_omniauth (0.0.2) A generalized Rack framework for multiple-provider authentication.
  5. 12,999 downloads
    kthxbye (1.3.2) Kthxbye is the answer to a fairly unique-yet-common problem: Background job processing when we ca...
  6. 77 downloads
    ktoblzcheck (1.44.0.beta) ktoblzcheck is an interface for libktoblzcheck, a library to check German account numbers and ban...
  7. 4,073 downloads
    ktools (0.0.3) Bringing common kernel APIs into Ruby using FFI
  8. 2,656 downloads
    ktopping_acl9 (0.13.0) Role-based authorization system for Rails with a nice DSL for access control lists
  9. 2,294 downloads
    ku6vms_sdk (0.1.7) ku6vms library provides access to SNDA ku6vms.
  10. 1,444 downloads
    kuahyeow-sunspot (0.10.3) Sunspot is a library providing a powerful, all-ruby API for the Solr search engine. Sunspot manag...
  11. 2,731 downloads
    kuahyeow-sunspot_rails (0.10.7) Rails integration for the Sunspot Solr search library
  12. 967 downloads
    kuaipan (0.0.3) Kuaipan openAPI! With it , you can develop apps which connect to kuaipan@kingsoft
  13. 1,897 downloads
    kuaipan-example (0.0.2) enjoy kuaipan.gem! enjoy it! enjoy life!
  14. 364 downloads
    kuaipan_renamer (0.0.2) Kuaipan uploading web page bugs: file with some characters in name will not be uploaded successfu...
  15. 2,627 downloads
    kuaiqian (0.1.1) A Ruby wrapper of Kauqian(快钱) Payment API
  16. 2,640 downloads
    kuali-rice (0.2.0) This gem is used to interface with a RICE install via REST services
  17. 2,937 downloads
    kuali-sakai-common-lib (0.0.8) This gem provides a set of modules and methods that are common to the Kuali and Sakai open source...
  18. 613 downloads
    kuality (0.0.1) This gem is used for creating test scripts for Kuali Coeus.
  19. 2,162 downloads
    kuality-coeus (0.0.6) This gem is used for creating test scripts for Kuali Coeus.
  20. 5,067 downloads
    kube-rails (0.3.0) kube-rails project integrates Kube for Rails 3.1 Asset Pipeline
  21. 730 downloads
    kublai (0.0.3) Ruby wrapper for the BTCChina Trade API. BTCChina allows you to trade Chinese Yuan (CNY) for Bitc...
  22. 1,937 downloads
    kublog (0.9.0) Rails Mountable Engine that sets up your Product Blog, share your posts on facebook, twitter and ...
  23. 1,778 downloads
    kubrick (0.1.1) A Ruby wrapper for the Netflix REST API.
  24. 658 downloads
    kuby (0.1.1) Crash your Kerbals using Ruby!
  25. 453 downloads
    kudough (0.0.1) Perform a credit check using the Kudough web service.
  26. 8,859 downloads
    kue (0.1.0) Store arbitrary key value pairs for your application using kue's simple api'
  27. 4,786 downloads
    kuehne-nagel-despatch-interface (0.0.9) Library to integrate K+N logistic API to Ruby on Rails Applications.
  28. 4,029 downloads
    ku_fu (0.0.5) register who created, updated or deleted an active record object
  29. 46,488 downloads
    kuhsaft (2.3.3) Kuhsaft is a Rails engine that offers a simple CMS.
  30. 756 downloads
    kui-md (0.0.1) a markdown engine which makes you to describe a graph with Graphviz and highlight codes