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  1. 387 downloads
    liquidprof (0.0.1) Liquid profiler
  2. 2,704 downloads
    liquid-proxy (0.0.3) http proxy with api for modifying requests passing through
  3. 161 downloads
    liquid_renderer (0.0.2) LiquidRenderer adds liquid renderer and option to include liquid filters like Rails helpers.
  4. 4,808 downloads
    liquidscript (0.10.4) A javascript-based language that compiles to javascript.
  5. 804 downloads
    liquid_stream (0.0.2) Allows chaining of context aware Liquid drops
  6. 3,447 downloads
    liquid-validations (1.1.1) ActiveRecord style validations for Liquid content in your ActiveRecord models. See the README to...
  7. 1,083 downloads
    liquid-validator (1.0.0) Liquid template validator
  8. 7,724 downloads
    liquify (0.2.7) A wrapper for Liquid Markup to make it easier to use
  9. 2,763 downloads
    liquor (0.9.5) Liquor is a template system based on well-defined, strongly dynamically typed language which is f...
  10. 2,627 downloads
    lircr (0.0.3) LIRC client for Ruby
  11. 9,293 downloads
    lis (0.4.11) LIS interface to Siemens Immulite 2000XPi or other similar analyzers
  12. 3,693 downloads
    lisausa-knife-plugins (0.0.9) These are plugins for the Chef utility `knife`, for use by LISAUSA employees
  13. 820 downloads
    lisausa-knife-sshconfig (0.0.2) This is a plugin for Knife that helps grab all nodes within the LISA cloud and presents you with...
  14. 1,928 downloads
    lisausa-sunspot ( Sunspot is a library providing a powerful, all-ruby API for the Solr search engine. Sunspot manag...
  15. 11,524 downloads
    lisbn (0.2.0) Lisbn (pronounced "Lisbon") is a wrapper around String that adds methods for manipulating ISBNs.
  16. 4,829 downloads
    lispy (0.0.5) Create data structures in Ruby using idomatic 'DSL' constructs. Free yourself of metaprogramming ...
  17. 232 downloads
    lissio (0.1.0.beta2) ..
  18. 715 downloads
    list (0.1.0) List in Ruby
  19. 3,561 downloads
    listable (0.1.7) With listable you can consolidate fields from several models into one, backed up by a database vi...
  20. 603 downloads
    list_actions (0.0.1) List all your actions and export it to a CSV
  21. 6,415 downloads
    listalicious (0.3.3) Semantic listing; a semantic way to build datagrid structures in Rails.
  22. 1,389 downloads
    ListBrowser (0.1.0) ListBrowser allows you to navigate non-obvious structures like linked lists.
  23. 1,023 downloads
    list_cloud_files (0.1.0) Easily share the contents of a public Amazon S3 bucket in your Rails app
  24. 5,719 downloads
    list_controls (0.1.4) Simple list filtering & sorting for Rails controller.
  25. 4,291,357 downloads
    listen (2.7.1) The Listen gem listens to file modifications and notifies you about the changes. Works everywhere!
  26. 551 downloads
    listen360-rubyXL ( rubyXL is a gem which allows the parsing, creation, and manipulation of Microsoft Excel (.xlsx/.x...
  27. 1,019 downloads
    listenandcopy (0.0.3) A simple gem, based on listen, that copies files to a new destination when it detects changes
  28. 3,811 downloads
    list-for (0.0.4) list-for is a list builder for an array of objects, easily allowing overriding of how any aspect ...
  29. 640 downloads
    ListFunctions (0.2) Advanced Sass list functions
  30. 1,298 downloads
    listify (0.2.0) Rails plugin that generates HTML lists from ruby array and hash objects