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  1. 1,576 downloads
    langtag (0.1.0) Support for IETF Language Tags (BCP 47, currently RFC 4646): Wellformedness check, read/write acc...
  2. 6,550 downloads
    language (0.6.0) Language is a support library for other langauge libraries. While some of it's contents are prefe...
  3. 6,975 downloads
    language-converter (1.0.0) Free Language converter. Very easy to use. This language translaor you can do language conversion...
  4. 21,848 downloads
    language_detection (0.0.2) Ruby bindings for Chromium Compact Language Detector
  5. 1,901 downloads
    language_detector (0.1.0) Ruby language detection library using n-gram model
  6. 1,673 downloads
    language_filter (0.3.01) LanguageFilter is a Ruby gem to detect and optionally filter various categories of language.
  7. 22,976 downloads
    language_list (1.0.0) A list of languages based upon ISO-639-1 and ISO-639-3 with functions to retrieve only common lan...
  8. 902 downloads
    languager (0.0.1) Translate string to given language by keyboard layout. Useful to auto convert user input from wro...
  9. 482 downloads
    language_select (0.0.2) Provides a simple helper to get an HTML select list of ISO-639-1 languages. The list of language...
  10. 3,869 downloads
    language_sniffer (1.0.2) Language detection
  11. 2,589 downloads
    language_switcher (0.1.0) This gem adds a few methods to switch between locales, and a helper to be used with jquery ta...
  12. 5,354 downloads
    language-translator (0.1.5) Ruby gem to translate from one language to another using google api.
  13. 2,503 downloads
    langue (0.0.4) It is the foundation to provide the operations to the natural languages.
  14. 2,410 downloads
    langue-japanese (0.0.4) It provides the operations to Japanese.
  15. 4,074 downloads
    langulator (0.0.5) Manage, maintain, and munge your i18n files.
  16. 1,534 downloads
    langur (1.0.3) Ruby gem. Rack middleware helper for language switching.
  17. 5,221 downloads
    langusta (0.2.3) Highly accurate language detection library, uses naive bayesian filter.
  18. 1,067 downloads
    lannon-lunr (2.0.10) A simple read-only interface to Solr, built on Sunspot. Lunr makes it easy to query and create ob...
  19. 2,516 downloads
    lantins-resque-multi-job-forks (0.3.1) When your resque jobs are frequent and fast, the overhead of forking and running your after_f...
  20. 1,455 downloads
    lantus (0.0.2) Convenience wrapper around Time
  21. 3,783 downloads
    lanyrd (1.1.3) Ruby wrapper for the Lanyrd API
  22. 3,388 downloads
    laowaihua (0.2.0) a Lorem Ipsum generator for Chinese
  23. 4,984 downloads
    lapidary (0.2.6) Helper for creating RubyGem project
  24. 3,954 downloads
    lapillus (0.0.4) Component based webframework written in Ruby
  25. 996 downloads
    lapin (0.1.3) A sinatra-based app that redirects data received via HTTP to an AMQP message broker.
  26. 3,224 downloads
    lapis (1.2.2) A lightweight logging utility for Ruby.
  27. 2,733 downloads
    lapluviosilla-tickle (0.1.9) Tickle is a date/time helper gem to help parse natural language into a recurring pattern. Tickle...
  28. 9,218 downloads
    lapse (0.1.0) Ruby gem for working with the Everlapse API.
  29. 1,863 downloads
    laptimer-geometry (0.0.2) laptimer-geometry is a gem created to help the coordinate calculations used in laptimer softw...
  30. 477 downloads
    laraib ( Ruby client library for