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  1. 2,391 downloads
    mvg-live (1.0.1) A CLI and ruby client for, the real-time interface to Munich's public transport
  2. 969 downloads
    mvgraph (0.0.1) mvGraph is an implementation of the graph data structure in Ruby. \ It was created to solve some...
  3. 720 downloads
    mvl (0.0.0) Mvl's Ruby client - currently a placeholder whilst I get the backend sort of finished
  4. 598 downloads
    mvm (0.0.7) MPICH Version Manager
  5. 2,145 downloads
    mvmv (0.1.2) Simple batch renaming
  6. 1,915 downloads
    mv-mysql (0.1.1) Migration Validators project mysql driver
  7. 1,789 downloads
    mvn2 (2.5.0) a Ruby script that runs a maven build, including (or not including) tests, and only outputs the l...
  8. 372 downloads
    mvn2-say (1.1.0) Use the Mac 'say' command to say the result of the build when it finishes.
  9. 4,232 downloads
    mvnizer (0.0.4) Bootstrap a Maven project without the pain of archetypes.
  10. 332 downloads
    mvn_plugin_config (1.0.0) Opens list of maven plugins in browser's window with the ability to see configuration for each of...
  11. 4,675 downloads
    mvn-plugin-config (0.0.6) Opens list of maven plugins in browser's window with the ability to see configuration for each of...
  12. 1,292 downloads
    mvn_watch (0.1.1) A "continuous integration local tester" for maven projects (typically java), such that when you u...
  13. 2,348 downloads
    mv-postgresql (0.1.1) Migration Validators project postgresql driver
  14. 191 downloads
    mvr (2.0.0) a Ruby script that allows you to rename a group of files via regular expression
  15. 1,956 downloads
    mv-sqlite (0.1.1) Migration Validators project sqlite driver
  16. 1,904 downloads
    mv-test (0.1.1) Contains macros / matchers for database behavious testing
  17. 400 downloads
    mvz-live_ast (1.1.1) LiveAST enables a program to find the ASTs of objects created by dynamically generated co...
  18. 2,650 downloads
    mw (0.2.0) printing variables to Growl using Meow. The original idea is borrowed from @jugyo's g.
  19. 959 downloads
    mw_dictionary_api (0.1.2) A Simple Way to Query Merriam Webster Dictionary API
  20. 2,880 downloads
    mwd-paperclip ( File attachments as attributes for ActiveRecord
  21. 1,706 downloads
    mwheelintent-rails (1.3.2) A ruby gem that uses the Rails asset pipeline to include the jQuery MouseWheel Intent plugin by t...
  22. 1,236 downloads
    mwilden-disqus (1.0.3) Integrates Disqus into your Ruby-powered site. Works with any Ruby website, and has view helpers ...
  23. 1,486 downloads
    mwilden-metric_fu ( Code metrics from Flog, Flay, RCov, Saikuro, Churn, Reek, Roodi and Rails' stats task
  24. 893 downloads
    mwilliams-carrierwave-base64-storage (1.0) Places a serialized file into a field as a Base64 string and returns the data-url for it
  25. 1,646 downloads
    mw-irc (0.0.2) A simple client for sending text to a MediaWiki RecentChanges IRC bot
  26. 5,895 downloads
    mwk-ruby-utils (0.5.0) Helpful Ruby/Rails utilities
  27. 2,798 downloads
    mwmitchell-rsolr (0.9.6) RSolr is a Ruby gem for working with Apache Solr!
  28. 1,020 downloads
    mwotton-apnd (0.1.8) APND (Apple Push Notification Daemon) is a ruby library to send Apple Push Notifications ...
  29. 988 downloads
    mwotton-bluepill (0.0.44) Bluepill keeps your daemons up while taking up as little resources as possible. After all you pro...
  30. 1,324 downloads
    mwotton-daemons (1.0.11) Daemons provides an easy way to wrap existing ruby scripts (for example a self-written server) t...