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  1. 1,802 downloads
    not (0.0.1) Syntactic sugar for negating any results: @foo.not.nil?
  2. 661 downloads
    notably (0.1.0) A redis backed notification system
  3. 107 downloads
    not_activerecord (1.0.0) Gem which helps you in not providing associations
  4. 3,019 downloads
    not_a_mock (1.0.1) A cleaner and DRYer alternative to mocking and stubbing with RSpec
  5. 1,982 downloads
    notams (0.2.0) Retrieves the currently active NOTAMs for an airport or a region. Supports multiple airports/regi...
  6. 148 downloads
    nota_nuc (0.1.0) Slates is a simple notetaking application that makes use of its own command line.
  7. 1,407 downloads
    notarius (0.2.6) Notarius is a logging library with opinions. The word "notarius" is Latin for "shorthand writer"....
  8. 1,265 downloads
    notarize (1.1.1) For basic web services that don't want just anyone to have access. Generates signature hashes for...
  9. 983 downloads
    notary (0.0.3) A small collection of tools for verify BTC transactions and wallet balances
  10. 97 downloads
    notasegura (0.0.1) Integração com
  11. 1,328 downloads
    notation (0.1.0) The notation library provides unicode symbols that you can use as methods instead of usin...
  12. 1,300 downloads
    notator (1.0.0) Notator facilitate the elegant assembly of JSON constructs using Ruby. It includes a Rails handle...
  13. 861 downloads
    notch8-backupgem (0.1.2) Beginning-to-end solution for backups and rotation.
  14. 882 downloads
    notch8_sunspot_autocomplete (2.0.1) A Rails plugin encapsulating autocompletion of HTML text input using Solr and Sunspot
  15. 5,603 downloads
    notches (0.5.0) A Rails Engine for tracking your web traffic.
  16. 2,732 downloads
    note (0.7.6) Type note -h for options
  17. 2,591 downloads
    noted (0.1.1) Sometimes there's a lot of crap to do.
  18. 953 downloads
    notedown (0.0.1) Notedown is a markup language designed for outliner-style documents. It is optimized to be inputt...
  19. 452 downloads
    note_frequencies (0.0.1) Convert musical note names to frequencies
  20. 451 downloads
    notehub (0.0.4) A description of your project
  21. 439 downloads
    notepunch-git-media (0.1.3) "This is a summary! Stop yer whining"
  22. 5,973 downloads
    notes (0.1.2) Stupidly grep tags in source code.
  23. 3,382 downloads
    notes-cli (2.0.1) notes-cli lets you manage source code annotations such as todo or fixme comments, providing a com...
  24. 1,273 downloads
    notes_mailer (0.0.1) NotesMailer allows you to send emails using your local IBM Lotus Notes installation. It is implem...
  25. 1,849 downloads
    notes-structured-text-json-messages (0.1.4) parses lotus notes structured text exports, producing a json message file for each each message
  26. 3,652 downloads
    notes-structured-text-strip-bodies (0.1.5) a command-line utility for removing message body text from Lotus Notes Structured Text export files
  27. 905 downloads
    notethis (0.0.1) A silly way to remind yourself to do tasks.
  28. 960 downloads
    nothing (1.0.0) Gem that do nothing at all
  29. 385 downloads
    nothing_magical (0.0.1) Easily remove all magic encoding comments for Ruby source files.
  30. 2,763 downloads
    noti (1.0.2) Easy to use client library for Noti