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  1. 6,518 downloads
    ntable (0.1.6) NTable provides a convenient data structure for storing n-dimensional tabular data. It works with...
  2. 17,650 downloads
    ntail (1.3.2) A tail(1)-like utility for nginx log files. It supports parsing, filtering and formatting individ...
  3. 1,845 downloads
    ntee (0.0.3) Utilities to support the Urban Institute's National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities
  4. 2,203 downloads
    nthrecord (0.1.2) Nthrecord is a simple tool for querying a database and returning every nth record.
  5. 1,294 downloads
    ntimeline (0.1.0) description of gem
  6. 1,166,220 downloads
    ntlm-http (0.1.1) Ruby/NTLM HTTP provides NTLM authentication over http.
  7. 921 downloads
    ntlm-sso (0.0.1) A Rack middleware interface to automatically authenticate users via NTLM. This module stores ...
  8. 3,547 downloads
    ntp (1.0.0) The author was too lazy to write a description
  9. 3,162 downloads
    ntswf (2.0.7) A layer around AWS SWF
  10. 5,644 downloads
    ntxt (1.0.7) A library and command line tool for parsing plain text into blocks by indentation and a simple wi...
  11. 24,655 downloads
    nu (0.2.7) Nu manages an application's dependencies through its entire life, across many machines, systemati...
  12. 1,903 downloads
    nuance (0.0.8) A Ruby Gem for consuming the Nuance transcription and text to speech REST APIs
  13. 5,512 downloads
    nuatt-formtastic (0.2.3) A Rails form builder plugin/gem with semantically rich and accessible markup
  14. 1,480 downloads
    nuatt_sunspot ( Sunspot is a library providing a powerful, all-ruby API for the Solr search engine. Sunspot manag...
  15. 1,429 downloads
    nuatt_sunspot_rails ( Sunspot::Rails is an extension to the Sunspot library for Solr search. Sunspot::Rails adds integr...
  16. 3,044 downloads
    nubis_rails_boilerplate (0.0.11) I usually start the same rails apps, running on the same infrastructure, so this collection of re...
  17. 991 downloads
    nucleo_client (0.0.3) Cliente do nucleo
  18. 1,722 downloads
    nucleon (0.1.14) A framework that provides a simple foundation for building Ruby applications that are: * Highly...
  19. 668 downloads
    nude (0.0.2) Port of nude.js to Ruby.
  20. 19,810 downloads
    nudge (0.2.9) Provides a Ruby library & CLI implementing a flexible Nudge Language interpreter, plus a set of g...
  21. 524 downloads
    nuge (0.1.0) Uniform interface for pushing notifications to multiple clients
  22. 15,262 downloads
    nugen_barcode_splitter (1.0.0) This gem is designed to demultiplex reads produced by Illumina with Nugen ...
  23. 2,015 downloads
    nu-generators (0.0.3) nu design custom generators
  24. 2,518 downloads
    nuget (2.8.50126.400) NuGet is a free, open source developer focused package management system for the .NET platform in...
  25. 1,425 downloads
    nugget (0.0.9) a http and tcp testing service
  26. 1,169 downloads
    nugramserver-ruby (0.1.0) NuGram Hosted Server client APIs
  27. 5,681 downloads
    nugrant (1.4.2) Nugrant is a library to easily handle parameters that need to be injected into an appli...
  28. 207 downloads
    nugz (1.0.0) The Nugz gem makes it easy to consume the MileHigh API. It can be found a...
  29. 881 downloads
    nukaka (1.0) This is the second gem in my life.
  30. 676 downloads
    nukumber (0.4.1) Specify your tests using Gherkin, but avoid the hassle of step definitions