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  1. 92,457 downloads
    onering-report-plugins (0.0.64) Base plugins for providing system information via the Onering client utility
  2. 3,776 downloads
    onescreen-api-client (0.0.5) This gem is designed to be used by consumers that wish to connect to the OneScreen API via a ruby...
  3. 1,243 downloads
    onesie (1.0.0) A Rack middleware to make URLs in one-page webapps easier. In a couple of recent projects, I've ...
  4. 10,128 downloads
    one_sky (2.0.1) OneSky is a community-powered translation service for web and mobile apps. This gem is the core i...
  5. 984 downloads
    onestep (0.0.2) Prevent users sending duplicate requests by rapidly clicking links and buttons.
  6. 3,999 downloads
    onetime (0.5.1) Command-line tool and library for API
  7. 2,378 downloads
    one_time_assignment (1.0.0) Restrict ActiveRecord fields to one assignment only.
  8. 6,703 downloads
    one_touch (2.1.2) Make one click operation simple
  9. 783 downloads
    onetweetforeuruko (0.0.1) Euruko ascii art in one tweet
  10. 688 downloads
    on_event (0.0.1) Build callback chains for named events.
  11. 482 downloads
    onewire (0.0.1) Simple client for owserver
  12. 2,614 downloads
    one_wire (0.1.1) Ruby library for talking to a one-wire server (see
  13. 42,991 downloads
    onfire (0.2.0) Have bubbling events and observers in all your Ruby objects.
  14. 7,335 downloads
    ongaku_ryoho_server (0.5.3) Serves music to Ongaku Ryoho clients
  15. 1,538 downloads
    oni (3.1.0) Framework for building concurrent daemons in Ruby.
  16. 1,030 downloads
    onigiri (0.1.6) This gem is supposed to replace a tidy-ext in one of our projects. Tidy-ext has nasty memory leak...
  17. 55,179 downloads
    oniguruma (1.1.0) Ruby bindings to the Oniguruma[] regular expression lib...
  18. 4,323 downloads
    onion (0.1.3) Interact with Tor.
  19. 2,505 downloads
    Onion (0.0.2) Onion, or Array Onion, allows peeling an array like an onion.It shreds one layer after another, f...
  20. 7,846 downloads
    on_irc (2.1.5) An event driven IRC library with an easy to use DSL
  21. 5,296 downloads
    onis (0.2.1) Live ObjectSpace introspection (With Rack endpoint)
  22. 42,307 downloads
    onix (0.9.5) A convient mapping between ruby objects and the ONIX XML specification
  23. 628 downloads
    onkyo_eiscp_ruby (0.0.3) Control Onkyo receivers over the network.Use the provided binary script or require the l...
  24. 2,577 downloads
    onlinebrief24 (1.0.4) A gem to interact with (send PDFs as physical letters/snail mail)
  25. 1,348 downloads
    online_friends (0.1.0) This gem sets up a before_filter that installs preload fql to fetch online friends
  26. 663 downloads
    online_now (0.0.1) Simple solution to grab all the online users within the last 5 minutes of activity
  27. 524 downloads
    onliner (0.0.4) Gem for Rails application - provides you list of online users (for authentication gem 'devise')
  28. 848 downloads
    onlinestatus (0.0.2) This simple gem tries to detect your online status by pinging a few places.
  29. 3,911 downloads
    onload_js-rails (1.2.0) Lets you easily run JavaScript based on the current controller#action.
  30. 3,100 downloads
    onlooker (0.1.1) OnLooker is a simple rails plugin that lets a user check the status of his or her website or serv...