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  1. 1,256 downloads
    puck (1.0.0.pre2) Puck takes your app and packs it along with all your gems and a complete JRuby runtime in a stand...
  2. 3,296 downloads
    puer (0.0.6) Titanium Starter Project Generate Tools build with Ruby, Coffee Script, Backbone.js etc
  3. 801 downloads
    puff (0.3.1) Puff provides Redis integration and instrumentation for Rails.
  4. 31,630 downloads
    puffer (0.1.1) Admin interface builder
  5. 19,745 downloads
    puffer_pages (0.5.1) Puffer pages is integratable rails CMS with puffer admin interface
  6. 23,619 downloads
    puffing-billy (0.2.3) A stubbing proxy server for ruby. Connect it to your browser in integration tests to fake interac...
  7. 1,403 downloads
    pug (0.2.2) Pug is a simple light-weight distributed issue tracker, main purpose is to automatically create r...
  8. 10,073 downloads
    puggernaut (0.2.3) Simple server push implementation using eventmachine and long polling
  9. 1,769 downloads
    pugnacious_juices (1.0.2) It is a clone of Liquid Wars.
  10. 2,393 downloads
    puke (0.0.2) Puke is a minimal grooveshark library for ruby, using the api instead of grooveshark...
  11. 4,607 downloads
    Puke (0.0.2) Puke is a minimal grooveshark library for ruby, using the api instead of grooveshark...
  12. 1,745 downloads
    pukka (1.0.0) Keep your data pukka with these custom ActiveModel validators.
  13. 1,011 downloads
    pull (0.0.2) Easily create Github pull requests from the command line.
  14. 1,207 downloads
    pullable (1.1.0) Update your Git repositories
  15. 4,747 downloads
    pullall (0.1.7) Git Pull from all the repositories that belong to a group you created
  16. 921 downloads
    pullbot (0.0.5) Auto pull git repository and bundle ruby gems
  17. 911 downloads
    pullcrusher (0.0.2) Optimize all images in a GitHub repository, then easily send a pull request with the changes.
  18. 1,558 downloads
    pullentity-backbone (0.0.5) Pullentity client side powered by backbone & handlebars
  19. 8,164 downloads
    pullentity-client (0.3.9) Pullentity client for build sites
  20. 2,481 downloads
    puller (0.1.1) Handle pub/sub messaging through channels/events in Rails using Pusher.
  21. 11,907 downloads
    pullermann (1.5.4) Pullermann runs custom code (i.e. your project's test suite) on open pull requests on GitHub. Aft...
  22. 2,200 downloads
    pulley (0.0.4) Pulley will turn pull requests into a json stream on STDOUT for piping through other programs, it...
  23. 950 downloads
    pullme (0.0.1) Pull request creator
  24. 6,691 downloads
    pullr (0.1.3) Pullr is a Ruby library for quickly pulling down or updating any Repository. Pullr currently supp...
  25. 83 downloads
    pullreview-coverage (0.0.1) Collect coverage information generated by simplecov and send them to
  26. 2,613 downloads
    pulp (0.0.10) A little ruby wrapper around the pulp ( API
  27. 785 downloads
    pulp_simple (0.1.0) Simple wrapper around Fedora Pulp REST API
  28. 8,040 downloads
    pulsar (0.3.3) Manage your Capistrano deployments with ease
  29. 2,175 downloads
    pulse (0.2.0) The old pulse. This has been depreciated in favor of rails-pulse. The gem merely pins that gem now.
  30. 17,206 downloads
    Pulse (1.3.3) Extensible IRC library