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  1. 3,660 downloads
    packmule (0.4.2) Packmule makes packaging projects into archives easier than ever.
  2. 19,282 downloads
    packnga (0.9.9) Packnga is a library to translate to many languages by YARD.
  3. 587 downloads
    packo (0.0.1.alpha.2) A really flexible package manager, inspired by portage and pacman.
  4. 25,057 downloads
    packr (3.2.1) Ruby version of Dean Edwards' JavaScript compressor
  5. 7,896 downloads
    packrat (0.1.6) Packrat is a gem for merging all css rules to inline for html emails and files.
  6. 4,411 downloads
    pack_rat (1.1.2) Helper method to simplify Rails caching, do Russian-doll caching outside your views
  7. 975 downloads
    packr-rails (0.0.1) Rails Asset Pipeline transformer for javascript compession/obfuscation using Packr.
  8. 690 downloads
    packsnap (0.0.1) MessagePack is a binary-based efficient object serialization library. It enables to exchange stru...
  9. 253 downloads
    packup (0.0.1.pre) This gem provides a simple DSL for making MSI packages.
  10. 1,225 downloads
    pacman (0.0.1) Log parser for large Apache logs
  11. 3,501 downloads
    pacmine (0.1.3) * pacmine is a small tool to get a list of the packages a person maintains from
  12. 1,677 downloads
    pacpdf (0.0.3) Write some pacmen. to load, you have to export RUBYOPT=-Ku
  13. 1,401 downloads
    pacstream (0.9) This library is designed to assist with using the PACSTREAM electronic ordering service used by t...
  14. 14,256 downloads
    pact (1.0.39) Enables consumer driven contract testing, providing a mock service and DSL for the consumer proje...
  15. 3,063 downloads
    pact_broker (0.0.10) A server that stores and returns pact files generated by the pact gem. It enables head/prod cross...
  16. 2,548 downloads
    pact_broker-client (0.0.6) Publishes pacts to, and retrieves pacts from, the pact broker server.
  17. 3,458 downloads
    pacto (0.3.1) Pacto is a judge that arbitrates contract disputes between a service provider and one or more con...
  18. 236 downloads
    pact-provider-proxy (0.0.2) See summary
  19. 2,616 downloads
    pactrac (0.0.4) International package tracking for Ruby
  20. 557 downloads
    pactrack (0.0.3) Ruby API Wrapper for the Swedish postal service
  21. 1,496 downloads
    paddle (1.0.0) Paddle is an RDoc plugin that emits documentation suitable for use as an epub book. The epub boo...
  22. 4,210 downloads
    paddock (0.2.0) Paddock is an environment-based feature switch system.
  23. 365 downloads
    padiddler (0.0.3) Convert external data into a more usable format
  24. 3,100 downloads
    padlock (0.1.1) Padlock is an environment-based component switch system.
  25. 4,172 downloads
    padma-assets (0.0.10) Assets to be re-used in PADMA applications
  26. 650 downloads
    padma-deployment (0.2.1) Deployment rake tasks
  27. 833 downloads
    padmapriya (0.0.0) A simple hello Rails Fcatory gem
  28. 262,445 downloads
    padrino (0.12.1) The Godfather of Sinatra provides a full-stack agnostic framework on top of Sinatra
  29. 261,608 downloads
    padrino-admin (0.12.1) Admin View for Padrino applications
  30. 608 downloads
    padrino-angularjs (0.0.1) This gem to use AngularJS to a Padrino apps