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  1. 385 downloads
    racker (0.1.2) Racker allows for hierarchical template definitions for Packer.
  2. 1,670 downloads
    rack-ermahgerd (0.0.3) Rack::Ermahgerd is a simple Rack middleware that translates the content of a web page into Ermahg...
  3. 5,183 downloads
    rack_errorpage (1.0.0) Simple Rack Middleware catching exceptions and rendering the error page of your choice
  4. 2,247 downloads
    rack-escapee (0.1.1) middleware to let you know when escaped html tags are being rendered, so you can fix them
  5. 4,937 downloads
    rack-esi (0.2.0) Rack-ESI is a Nokogiri based ESI middleware implementation for Rack with support for include tags...
  6. 7,791 downloads
    racket (1.0.11) Ruby Gem for reading and writing raw packets
  7. 908 downloads
    racket2 (1.0.9) Ruby Gem for reading and writing raw packets
  8. 502 downloads
    rack-events (0.0.1) Drop-in user behavior tracking for any Rack application
  9. 21,370 downloads
    rack-evil_robot (0.1.0) Detect robots that are ignoring your robots.txt file and give them the middle finger
  10. 4,276 downloads
    rack-exception_notifier (0.3.5) Rack middleware to send email when exceptions are raised
  11. 59,927 downloads
    rack-facebook (0.0.3) rack-facebook is a Rack middleware that checks the signature of Facebook params, and converts the...
  12. 1,425 downloads
    rack_facebook_connect (0.0.1) A Rack middleware that tries to make FB Connect behave a little bit more like other identity prov...
  13. 5,633 downloads
    rack-facebook-method-fix (0.4.0) In early 2011 Facebook started to send all application requests as POST. This Rack middleware con...
  14. 2,563 downloads
    rack-facebook-signed-request (0.2.0) See
  15. 2,584 downloads
    rack-failtale (0.1.1) A Rack middleware for the Failtale service
  16. 495 downloads
    rack-fake-method (0.0.1) A middleware to fake all HTTP methods types with the ``FAKE-METHOD`` header
  17. 2,075 downloads
    rack_fake_s3 (0.2.3) Test S3 integration locally. Originally created by Curtis Spencer, modified by Mario Visic at Env...
  18. 7,531 downloads
    rack_fast_escape (2009.06.24) The Rack Fast Escape library, by The Rubyists, LLC
  19. 493 downloads
    rack-favicon (0.0.1) rack middleware to handle favicon
  20. 9,711 downloads
    rack-fb (0.0.2) Don't use this gem
  21. 12,470 downloads
    rack-federated-auth (0.3.0) Provides a simple authentication middleware to lock down Rack-based apps
  22. 109,012 downloads
    rack-fiber_pool (0.9.3) Rack middleware to run each request within a Fiber
  23. 3,224 downloads
    rack-fix-content-type (1.2) fix the content type of form uploads by using the file-utility. A lot of browsers screw up the co...
  24. 2,070 downloads
    rack-flags (0.2.0) This is a simple lightweight way to expose work-in-progress functionality to developers, testers ...
  25. 100,920 downloads
    rack-flash (0.1.2) Flash hash implementation for Rack apps.
  26. 3,263 downloads
    rack-flash2 (0.0.3) 2nd Flash hash implementation for Rack apps.
  27. 57,946 downloads
    rack-flash3 (1.0.5) Flash hash implementation for Rack apps.
  28. 3,912 downloads
    rack-flash-session (1.0.2) Rack::FlashSession converts a session query parameter to a cookie if the request's user agent is...
  29. 1,878 downloads
    rack-fonts (0.1.1) Wraps Rack::Static by adding useful headers to serve web fonts.
  30. 5,438 downloads
    rack-fontserve (0.2.0) Sinatra app for serving web fonts easily with proper caching and access-control headers