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  1. 1,257 downloads
    rstake (0.0.1) Watches a list of files for changes, and executes a given command when any changes are detected.
  2. 4,345 downloads
    rstat (0.1.2) A Simple statistics gem.
  3. 52,509 downloads
    rstats (0.0.4) Adds statistical helper methods like mean, median, mode, skewness, etc. to ruby's array class.
  4. 1,591 downloads
    rstatsd (0.3) a stats daemon that stores data in redis
  5. 6,155 downloads
    rstore (0.3.9) RStore makes batch processing of csv files a breeze. Automatically fetches data files, direct...
  6. 3,256 downloads
    rstrip (0.0.3) A ruby executable that removes the trailing white space in the current project directory. It also...
  7. 4,804 downloads
    rstruct (0.1.4) A library for working with Ruby binary structures in a way similar to c-structs
  8. 3,354 downloads
    rstt (0.9.4) another ruby wrapper for Stuttgarter Tree Tagger
  9. 876 downloads
    rstuk (0.0.2) Common library for kiwi_spec and studio_spec
  10. 2,544 downloads
    rstyle (0.0.3) Style checking for Ruby code
  11. 9,241 downloads
    rstyx (0.4.2) 9P2000/Styx for Ruby
  12. 5,517 downloads
    rsubhak (0.2.0) Recursively traverse a hash or array *ha* (potentially of other nested hashes and/or arrays), doi...
  13. 2,180 downloads
    rsubstitute (0.0.2) An attempt to bring simple Arrange Act Assert mocking to Ruby. No strict mocks. No hassles. This ...
  14. 2,109 downloads
    rsubtitle (0.1.1) Ruby video subtitle parser and formatter
  15. 175 downloads
    rsugar (0.0.1) RSugar allows you to execute R language commands from Ruby. It wraps rserve_client gem, providin...
  16. 5,779 downloads
    rs_user_policy (0.1.9) Manages users across many different child accounts of a RightScale Enterprise Master Account
  17. 2,013 downloads
    rs_vagrant_shim (0.2.0) Allows RightScale ServerTemplate development to be performed primarily within Vagrant
  18. 2,284 downloads
    rsvejo (0.2.0) API Ruby wrapper
  19. 54,557 downloads
    rsvg2 (2.2.0) Ruby/RSVG is a Ruby binding of librsvg-2.x.
  20. 585 downloads
    rsvm (0.0.1) FFI Ruby wrapper around libsvm
  21. 546 downloads
    rsvn (0.0.1) Gem to provide basic access to Subversion information (wraps Ruby SVN bindings).
  22. 1,371 downloads
    rs_voteable_mongo (1.0.2) Add up / down voting ability to Mongoid documents. Optimized for speed by using only ONE request ...
  23. 1,877 downloads
    rsvp (0.2.4) Provides wrapping application necessary views and data structures to capture online RSVP responses.
  24. 1,409 downloads
    rsword (0.1.0) Ruby bindings for Sword, require 'rsword' and use Sword as the Module
  25. 929 downloads
    rswt (0.1.0) A thin jruby wrapper for SWT (mainly just for loading the jars in a structured way)
  26. 1,085 downloads
    rsx (0.0.1) RSx seeks to implement R, using the terrific Rubinius bytecode
  27. 7,741 downloads
    rsxml (0.4.1) convert XML documents to an s-expression representation and back again in Ruby
  28. 183 downloads
    rsyc (0.1.2) A simple YAML configuration builder and accessor
  29. 353 downloads
    rs_yettings (0.0.1) Yettings uses encrypted YML files that allow you to safely store sensitive configuration data suc...
  30. 3,993 downloads
    rsync (1.0.8) Ruby/Rsync is a Ruby library that can syncronize files between remote hosts by wrapping a call to...