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  1. 1,770 downloads
    ruby_channel (0.0.2) A way to use channels in Ruby, inspired by Google's Go and Ilya Grigorik's gem 'agent'
  2. 1,151 downloads
    rubycheck (0.0.5) See specs/ tests for example usage.
  3. 5,739 downloads
    rubychem (1.0.5) This is an open source library of chemistry, goodies. I'm dedicating this code to my major profes...
  4. 255 downloads
    rubychina (0.0.1) A command-line interface for accessing rubychina session content
  5. 4,205 downloads
    ruby_chopped (0.0.6) Creates a ruby project with two random gems from top downloads of the day
  6. 3,410 downloads
    rubycious (0.1.4) Ruby wrapper to the API
  7. 3,358 downloads
    ruby-cldr (0.1.1) Ruby library for exporting and using data from CLDR, see
  8. 2,397 downloads
    ruby-cldr-timezones (0.0.7) Get the translated timezones according to CLDR. Support for 573 languages.
  9. 396 downloads
    ruby-cleverdome (0.1.2) Ruby client to access CleverDome.
  10. 7,361 downloads
    ruby_cli (0.2.1) Factors out code needed to create Ruby command line applications
  11. 1,750 downloads
    rubycliweather (0.2.0) rubycliweather provides an easy-to-use CLI that harnesses the Wunderground XML API and delivers p...
  12. 2,867 downloads
    ruby_clone (1.0.3) Ruby clone is a command line tool to work with Rsync using DSL!
  13. 871 downloads
    ruby-coco (0.1.0) Ruby Coco is a bridge to the JS Coco compiler.
  14. 2,652 downloads
    ruby-coco-source (0.9.1) Coco is a CoffeeScript dialect that aims to be more radical and practical.
  15. 1,544 downloads
    ruby-codegraph (0.0.4) Use codegraph to generate all kinds of graphviz graphs for you code, to visualize things like cla...
  16. 2,308 downloads
    ruby_codex (0.0.9) A DSL for collecting and aggregating data on Ruby ASTs
  17. 653 downloads
    ruby-codex (0.0.2) A DSL for collecting and aggregating data on Ruby ASTs
  18. 449 downloads
    rubycoin (0.0.12) Use multiple crypto-currencies with ease
  19. 3,322 downloads
    rubycom (0.4.2) Enables command-line access for methods in an including module. Reads method documentation for co...
  20. 1,169 downloads
    rubycon (0.3) CLI to manage your Source dedicated game servers.
  21. 535 downloads
    rubyconf (1.1.0) Tools for when you're at rubyconf!
  22. 18,011 downloads
    ruby-conf (2.8.1) rubyconf is a ruby configuration dsl that aims to make it simple to write and read configurations...
  23. 541 downloads
    rubyconfbd2013_hello (0.0.1) A very basic gem demonstration for RubyConfBD 2013
  24. 1,332 downloads
    ruby-config (0.0.1) A different interface for the user-choices gem. The config can now be instantiated as an object a...
  25. 2,672 downloads
    ruby-configurable (1.0.2) Lets you make your Ruby class configurable with a simple mixin.
  26. 897 downloads
    ruby-continent (0.1.0) Get countries by continent, or find the continents for a country given ISO 3166-1 alpha-2, alpha-...
  27. 1,251 downloads
    ruby-contract (0.1.1) ruby-contract provides support for describing and using types via unit-tests. It offers support f...
  28. 4,074 downloads
    ruby_contracts (0.3.2) Micro DSL to add pre & post condition to methods. It tries to bring some design by contract in th...
  29. 2,788 downloads
    rubycop (1.0.1) Statically analyze Ruby and neutralize nefarious code
  30. 8,083 downloads
    ruby_cop (1.0.5) Statically analyze Ruby and neutralize nefarious code