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  1. 655 downloads
    ruby-codex (0.0.2) A DSL for collecting and aggregating data on Ruby ASTs
  2. 454 downloads
    rubycoin (0.0.12) Use multiple crypto-currencies with ease
  3. 3,338 downloads
    rubycom (0.4.2) Enables command-line access for methods in an including module. Reads method documentation for co...
  4. 1,174 downloads
    rubycon (0.3) CLI to manage your Source dedicated game servers.
  5. 537 downloads
    rubyconf (1.1.0) Tools for when you're at rubyconf!
  6. 18,060 downloads
    ruby-conf (2.8.1) rubyconf is a ruby configuration dsl that aims to make it simple to write and read configurations...
  7. 542 downloads
    rubyconfbd2013_hello (0.0.1) A very basic gem demonstration for RubyConfBD 2013
  8. 1,334 downloads
    ruby-config (0.0.1) A different interface for the user-choices gem. The config can now be instantiated as an object a...
  9. 2,679 downloads
    ruby-configurable (1.0.2) Lets you make your Ruby class configurable with a simple mixin.
  10. 899 downloads
    ruby-continent (0.1.0) Get countries by continent, or find the continents for a country given ISO 3166-1 alpha-2, alpha-...
  11. 1,252 downloads
    ruby-contract (0.1.1) ruby-contract provides support for describing and using types via unit-tests. It offers support f...
  12. 4,088 downloads
    ruby_contracts (0.3.2) Micro DSL to add pre & post condition to methods. It tries to bring some design by contract in th...
  13. 2,795 downloads
    rubycop (1.0.1) Statically analyze Ruby and neutralize nefarious code
  14. 8,090 downloads
    ruby_cop (1.0.5) Statically analyze Ruby and neutralize nefarious code
  15. 1,122 downloads
    ruby-core-docs ( (For use with yri or pry-doc.)
  16. 8,480 downloads
    ruby_core_ri (0.5.1) A gem to make it possible to have the core ri/rdoc (especially useful if your distro didn't inclu...
  17. 1,340,310 downloads
    ruby_core_source (0.1.5) Retrieve Ruby core source files
  18. 733 downloads
    ruby_cotendo (0.0.1) longer description of your gem
  19. 2,260 downloads
    ruby_cowsay (0.1.1) Cowsay, written in ruby, as a gem.
  20. 270 downloads
    ruby_cpu (0.0.1) A gem which exposes the OpenCPU interface to ruby
  21. 1,337 downloads
    ruby-cracklib (0.1.0) Ruby (FFI) binding for cracklib.
  22. 1,800 downloads
    rubycraft (0.1.1) It allows you to change all the blocks in region files in whatever way you see fit. Example: http...
  23. 482 downloads
    rubycritic (0.0.5) Ruby Critic is a tool that detects and reports smells in Ruby classes, modules and methods.
  24. 4,530 downloads
    rubycron (0.3.0) Write clean cronjobs in Ruby, and get reporting for free!
  25. 865 downloads
    ruby_css (0.0.0) Generate CSS through Ruby code.
  26. 3,014 downloads
    ruby_css_lint (0.1.0) Wraps up the CSS lint tool from into a gem
  27. 1,200 downloads
    rubyctaculous (0.0.2) A simplistic ruby client for Pictaculous. Send an image to Pictaculous and it will return a color...
  28. 1,871 downloads
    rubycue (0.1.0) Basic ruby parser for song cuesheets
  29. 1,956 downloads
    rubycurl (1.7.3) Easy use of curl for getting html, xml, etc
  30. 3,126 downloads
    rubycut-babushka ( Babushka is a tool for finding, running, writing and sharing recipies to automate things.