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  1. 1,160 downloads
    ruby-memory-usage-profiler (0.0.4) Memory usage profiler for debugging of Ruby itself (and/or middlewares)
  2. 6,854 downloads
    ruby-metrics (0.8.6) A Ruby implementation of metrics inspired by @coda's JVM metrics for those of us in Ruby land
  3. 1,659 downloads
    ruby_micro_benchmarks (0.1.1) A set of Ruby benchmarks for testing several Ruby methods and practice.
  4. 1,549 downloads
    rubymine2xcode-theme (0.0.2) A tool for converting Rubymine XML theme files into Xcode theme files
  5. 2,460 downloads
    rubymine_heaven (0.0.3) This gem connects stack trace on rails error page to rubymine (when you click on stack trace line...
  6. 1,728 downloads
    ruby-minisat (2.2.0) ruby binding for MiniSat, an open-source SAT solver
  7. 2,090 downloads
    rubymirrors (0.0.3) ## A mirror API for Ruby In various [research][p1] [projects][p2] the advantages of having a [mi...
  8. 6,288 downloads
    rubymisc (0.2.0) Miscellaneous and humble tool-set of useful Ruby.
  9. 23,050 downloads
    ruby-miyako (2.1.22) Miyako is Ruby library for programming game or rich client
  10. 21,938 downloads
    ruby-miyako-mswin32 (2.1.22) Miyako is Ruby library for programming game or rich client
  11. 656 downloads
    rubymm (0.1.2-java) Ruby metamodel and parser producing an EMF model
  12. 3,115 downloads
    ruby-mojeid (0.2.2) This gem extend ruby-openid gem
  13. 427 downloads
    rubymoji (0.0.1) Handy methods to make emoji
  14. 911 downloads
    ruby-monetdb-sql (0.1) Pure Ruby database driver for monetdb5/sql
  15. 3,575 downloads
    ruby_mongo_utils (0.0.9) Ruby Mongo Utilities
  16. 6,313 downloads
    rubyMorphbank (0.2.6) Uses the Morphbank API to query and return results from the Morphbank database.
  17. 4,287 downloads
    rubymotion_generators (0.1.2) RubyMotion generators
  18. 701 downloads
    rubymotion-observer (0.0.1) A RubyMotion compatible version of Ruby's 'observer' lib
  19. 4,699 downloads
    ruby_motion_query (0.5.6) RubyMotionQuery - RMQ - A fast, non-magical, non-polluting, jQuery-like library for RubyMotion
  20. 550 downloads
    rubymotionr (0.0.1) Find rubymotion projects within a directory
  21. 80,797 downloads
    ruby-mp3info (0.8.3) ruby-mp3info read low-level informations and manipulate tags on mp3 files.
  22. 6,133 downloads
    ruby-mpc (0.0.9) Ruby bindings of MPC that is C library for complex number of multiple precision
  23. 6,483 downloads
    ruby-mpd (0.3.1) A powerful, modern and feature complete library for the Music Player Daemon.
  24. 6,910 downloads
    ruby-mpfi (0.0.10) Ruby bindings of MPFI that is a C library for interval arithmetic of multiple precision.
  25. 14,356 downloads
    ruby-mpfr (0.0.17) Ruby bindings of MPFR that is a C library for multiple-precision floating-point computations
  26. 2,063 downloads
    ruby-mpi (0.2.0) A ruby binding of Message Passing Interface (MPI), which is an API specification that allows proc...
  27. 7,301 downloads
    ruby-mpns (1.2.1) This gem provides an easy way to send push notifications to Windows Phone devices using Microsoft...
  28. 2,406 downloads
    ruby-mpris (0.1.1) The mpris gem allows you to control media players that follow the MPRIS specification.
  29. 14,230 downloads
    ruby-msg (1.5.1) A library for reading and converting Outlook msg and pst files (mapi message stores).
  30. 1,269 downloads
    rubymtp (0.1) Pure Ruby MTP implementation and utilities