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  1. 702 downloads
    rubymotion-observer (0.0.1) A RubyMotion compatible version of Ruby's 'observer' lib
  2. 4,739 downloads
    ruby_motion_query (0.5.6) RubyMotionQuery - RMQ - A fast, non-magical, non-polluting, jQuery-like library for RubyMotion
  3. 551 downloads
    rubymotionr (0.0.1) Find rubymotion projects within a directory
  4. 80,938 downloads
    ruby-mp3info (0.8.3) ruby-mp3info read low-level informations and manipulate tags on mp3 files.
  5. 6,146 downloads
    ruby-mpc (0.0.9) Ruby bindings of MPC that is C library for complex number of multiple precision
  6. 6,510 downloads
    ruby-mpd (0.3.1) A powerful, modern and feature complete library for the Music Player Daemon.
  7. 6,924 downloads
    ruby-mpfi (0.0.10) Ruby bindings of MPFI that is a C library for interval arithmetic of multiple precision.
  8. 14,379 downloads
    ruby-mpfr (0.0.17) Ruby bindings of MPFR that is a C library for multiple-precision floating-point computations
  9. 2,067 downloads
    ruby-mpi (0.2.0) A ruby binding of Message Passing Interface (MPI), which is an API specification that allows proc...
  10. 7,591 downloads
    ruby-mpns (1.2.1) This gem provides an easy way to send push notifications to Windows Phone devices using Microsoft...
  11. 2,409 downloads
    ruby-mpris (0.1.1) The mpris gem allows you to control media players that follow the MPRIS specification.
  12. 14,272 downloads
    ruby-msg (1.5.1) A library for reading and converting Outlook msg and pst files (mapi message stores).
  13. 1,270 downloads
    rubymtp (0.1) Pure Ruby MTP implementation and utilities
  14. 770 downloads
    rubymud ( WIP: A MUD server written in Ruby and powered by EventMachine.
  15. 197 downloads
    ruby-mud (0.0.4) A very simple framework for building text based games in Ruby.
  16. 10,981 downloads
    ruby-multipart-post (0.4.0) Multipart form post thru Ruby script, headers content-type and content-length properly set
  17. 94 downloads
    ruby-multi-progressbar (1.0.0) Displays multiple progress bars using Ncurses and ruby-progressbar Useful for displaying the stat...
  18. 1,229 downloads
    rubymurray (0.1.2) Ruby Murray is a Ruby port of Perl's Sub::Curry, originally written for Ruby Quiz #64 (Port a lib...
  19. 3,954 downloads
    ruby_mvc (0.0.4) A simple, cross-platform MVC framework for Ruby
  20. 3,389 downloads
    ruby-mws (0.1) (Under development) This gem serves as a wrapper for's Marketplace Web Service (MWS) A...
  21. 120,105 downloads
    ruby-mysql (2.9.12) This is MySQL connector. pure Ruby version
  22. 3,887 downloads
    ruby-mysql-ext (2.9.12) This is MySQL connector with C extension.
  23. 1,235 downloads
    ruby-mythtv (0.1.0) Ruby implementation of the MythTV communication protocol
  24. 2,493 downloads
    ruby_nacl (0.1.2) Provides a ruby interface to DJB's NaCl library.
  25. 3,227 downloads
    ruby-nagios (0.2.0) Manage alerts, checks and acks in bulk
  26. 319 downloads
    rubynas (0.1.0.pre.1) The ruby based nas system
  27. 824 downloads
    rubynation (2013.6) The Official RubyNation Gem!
  28. 121 downloads
    rubyneat (0.3.5.alpha.5) RubyNEAT -- Neural Evolution of Augmenting Topologies for Ruby. By way of an enhanced form o...
  29. 11,691 downloads
    ruby-nessus (1.2.0) Ruby-Nessus aims to deliver an easy yet powerful interface for interacting and manipulating Nessu...
  30. 4,212 downloads
    ruby-netcdf ( RubyNetCDF is the Ruby interface to the NetCDF library built on the NArray library, which is an e...