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  1. 2,809 downloads
    rubypp (0.0.3) Rubypp is a preprocessor that uses ruby to transform text. Syntax is similar to the C preprocess...
  2. 5,636 downloads
    rubypress (1.0.7) Easily access WordPress installations through the WordPress XML-RPC API. This gem exactly mirrors...
  3. 898 downloads
    ruby-procedural (0.0.2-x86-linux) A ruby binding for Ogre Procedural.
  4. 6,676 downloads
    ruby_process (0.0.9) A framework for spawning and communicating with other Ruby-processes
  5. 1,290 downloads
    ruby-process-controller (1.0.4) Staging for console ruby apps - ARGV parser, logger, pids, 2nd instance run prevention, privilege...
  6. 20,658 downloads
    ruby-processing (2.4.4) Ruby-Processing is a Ruby wrapper for the Processing code art framework. It's this thin litt...
  7. 875 downloads
    ruby-procinfo (0.2.0-x86_64-linux) Retrieve process information
  8. 1,734,832 downloads
    ruby-prof (0.14.2) ruby-prof is a fast code profiler for Ruby. It is a C extension and therefore is many times faste...
  9. 1,163 downloads
    ruby-prof-danielhoey (0.8.1) ruby-prof is a fast code profiler for Ruby. It is a C extension and therefore is many times faste...
  10. 186 downloads
    ruby_prof_helper (0.1) just some lines of frequently used ruby prof boilerplate
  11. 909 downloads
    ruby_prof-json (0.0.1) If you need to process results from a profiling session, JSON is a good place to start.
  12. 1,504,491 downloads
    ruby-progressbar (1.4.2) Ruby/ProgressBar is an extremely flexible text progress bar library for Ruby. The output can be c...
  13. 4,749 downloads
    ruby-prolog (1.0.1) A Prolog-ish Ruby DSL.
  14. 283 downloads
    ruby-promises (0.0.1) A lightweight gem implement AngularJS Promises in Ruby AngularJS Promise introduction: http://ur...
  15. 849 downloads
    ruby-promobox (0.0.2) Ruby API promobox
  16. 1,243 downloads
    rubyprot (0.5.0) Simple library to aid in object serialization and messaging via Rubys Marshal
  17. 234,612 downloads
    ruby_protobuf (0.4.11) Ruby implementation for Protocol Buffers.
  18. 159,789 downloads
    ruby-protocol-buffers (1.5.1) Ruby compiler and runtime for the google protocol buffers library.
  19. 882 downloads
    ruby-protocol-buffers-require (1.0.8) Compile and require protocol buffers at runtime with the ruby-protocol-buffers library
  20. 1,290 downloads
    ruby_prototype (1.2.0) Allows the class-oriented Ruby language to double as a simple-object prototype language (a la Jav...
  21. 1,927 downloads
    ruby_provisioning_api (0.0.3) a ruby wrapper for google provisioning api
  22. 5,458 downloads
    ruby-proxy (0.2.2) Ruby Proxy for two or more ruby processes.
  23. 974 downloads
    ruby-psd (1.0.0) Generating psd skeleton file simple and by scriping of Ruby
  24. 9,389 downloads
    ruby_psigate (0.7.8) RubyPsigate parses and packages XML messages to/from Psigate's servers for transactions and recur...
  25. 2,068 downloads
    ruby-psql (0.0.1) Postgres psql binary
  26. 570 downloads
    ruby_pub_sub (0.0.4) Publish/Subscribe for Ruby
  27. 1,217 downloads
    rubypulse (0.1.0) Provides Ruby methods to access the VoicePulse Connect API
  28. 1,103 downloads
    rubypunk (0.0.1) A 3D voxel based environment for those new to coding or ruby to explore the language visually.
  29. 8,089 downloads
    ruby-puppetdb (1.4.0) A higher level query language for PuppetDB.
  30. 273,418 downloads
    rubypython (0.6.3) RubyPython is a bridge between the Ruby and Python interpreters. It embeds a running Python inter...