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  1. 400 downloads
    rubyweb (0.0.1) The simplest web server in Ruby
  2. 1,466 downloads
    ruby-web (1.1.1) Ignore this library if you are a fan of cgi.rb.
  3. 1,357 downloads
    rubywebdialogs (0.2.0) The Web Browser as a Graphical User Interface for Ruby Applications
  4. 1,014 downloads
    ruby-webp (0.1.0) A gem providing a ruby interface to Google WebP Codec Encoder and Decoder.
  5. 222 downloads
    ruby-web-search (0.0.2) A (very old) Ruby gem that provides a way to retrieve search results via the main search engines ...
  6. 552 downloads
    ruby_weekdays (0.1.0) Extends core Date class to allow the selection of upcoming and previous weekdays (e.g Monday-Frid...
  7. 5,964 downloads
    rubyw_helper (0.1.5) A simple redirector for use when you just want to safely redirect stdio. Simply encapsulates a fe...
  8. 1,335 downloads
    ruby-which (0.5.2) Use ruby-which for those times when you don't know which version of a library you're require-ing,...
  9. 3,545 downloads
    rubywho (0.4.0) Ruby running on the object's class hierarchy, methods of each class to display a legible.
  10. 520 downloads
    ruby-wisp (0.1.0) Ruby Wisp is a bridge to the JS Wisp compiler
  11. 840 downloads
    ruby-wisp-source (0.8.0) Source code for Ruby Wisp compiler
  12. 1,047 downloads
    ruby-with (0.3) Seamlessly make any object the current context
  13. 4,546 downloads
    ruby-wmctrl (0.0.6) Ruby bindings to control windows in EWMH and NetWM compatible X Window manager, which is created ...
  14. 25,945 downloads
    ruby-wmi (0.4.0) ruby-wmi is an ActiveRecord style interface for Microsoft's Windows Management Instrumentation pr...
  15. 10,122 downloads
    rubywmq (2.0.2) RubyWMQ is a high performance native Ruby interface into WebSphere MQ.
  16. 1,315 downloads
    ruby-wordpress (0.0.4) A gem to interface with the WordPress database
  17. 1,287 downloads
    rubyworks-ec2 (0.1.4) RubyWorks support
  18. 939 downloads
    rubywpa (0.0.1) SSID-to-WPA verifier for supported networks
  19. 775 downloads
    ruby-wpdb (1.2) ruby-wpdb gives you a painless way to access and interact with WordPress from Ruby, accessing pos...
  20. 2,375 downloads
    ruby-wsd (0.0.4) Ruby bindings for
  21. 4,469 downloads
    ruby-wunderlist (0.4) Wunderlist Bindings for Ruby
  22. 141 downloads
    ruby-xbee (1.1.0) A Ruby XBee gem
  23. 1,318 downloads
    ruby-xbmc (0.2.0) ruby-xbmc is a ruby wrapper for the XBMC Web Server HTTP API. It provides a remote access to a...
  24. 2,547 downloads
    ruby-xcdm (0.0.7) Ruby DSL for creating Core Data Data Model files without XCode
  25. 3,620 downloads
    ruby-xen (0.1.0) ruby-xen allows you to manage Xen virtual servers via Ruby. It currently wraps the command line ...
  26. 725 downloads
    ruby-xes (0.1.0) ruby-xes is a library for generating XES event log.
  27. 124,284 downloads
    rubyXL (2.5.1) rubyXL is a gem which allows the parsing, creation, and manipulation of Microsoft Excel (.xlsx/.x...
  28. 2,727 downloads
    rubyxmacro (0.0.7) A ruby C extension to automate the mouse and keyboard in X Windows
  29. 2,455 downloads
    ruby-xml-mapper (1.0.8) Mapping XML to Ruby in handy declarative manner
  30. 19,358 downloads
    ruby-xml-smart ( = XML::Smart - A Ruby class for fast and simple XML access Copyright (C) 2004-2012 J├╝rgen Mangle...