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  1. 3,500 downloads
    spackle (0.0.3) Spackle tells your editor about the errors in your code. No more need to visually scan your tes...
  2. 1,078 downloads
    spackler ( 'The spackler gem enables you to very easily obtain data on all golf tournament scores t...
  3. 1,235 downloads
    spacy (0.1.6) A text editor runs on Ruby and uses SPACE as a trigger key for every action.
  4. 8,904 downloads
    spade ( Unified JavaScript runner for browser and command line
  5. 1,051 downloads
    spade-core (0.1.0) Core Libraries for Spade Package Manager and Runtime
  6. 821 downloads
    spadeio (0.0.2) Intelligent content scraping - Ruby driver, see for more.
  7. 1,912 downloads
    spade-packager ( Package Manager for JavaScript
  8. 1,030 downloads
    spade-runtime ( Unified JavaScript runner for browser and command line
  9. 8,415 downloads
    spaghetti (0.6.0) Spaghetti - Rails Endless Page
  10. 558 downloads
    spaghettiohs (0.0.3) A gem that will provide default error controller routing and messaging within the default applica...
  11. 1,235 downloads
    spakit (0.9.0) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  12. 1,034 downloads
    spambust (0.1.4) Render input tags with a masked name. The input tags with proper names are hidden. A spam bot is ...
  13. 5,223 downloads
    spamchronic (0.0.8) MailPot is a simple SMTP server honeypot that will catch emails and store them in S3 and then...
  14. 1,109 downloads
    spam_email (0.0.5) ActiveModel validation that checks email addresses against a blacklist of trash-mail providers
  15. 217 downloads
    spamer (0.0.1) wrapper for api v3.0
  16. 3,070 downloads
    spamham (0.1.0) ...
  17. 2,178 downloads
    spamhaus_checker (0.1.3) Gem to check if provided server IP is listed in
  18. 1,124 downloads
    spamspanify (1.1.0) Spamspanify extends the String class with a spamspanify method that replaces all email a...
  19. 6,550 downloads
    spamster (1.0.1) Simple spam filtering that works with any Ruby application and can be set up in minutes. Uses Aki...
  20. 10,356 downloads
    spamtrap (0.1.0) Create bogus form fields (honeypots) that will be filled-in by spambots. When submitted, the form...
  21. 826 downloads
    span (0.1.2) Calculate the difference between two dates.
  22. 5,559 downloads
    spandex (0.0.7) Spandex manages a store of markup files and their metadata, useful in building blogs or blog engines
  23. 5,439 downloads
    spanish ( A Spanish phonology, orthography and grammar library for Ruby.
  24. 2,410 downloads
    spanish_ccc_validator (0.0.4) Provide a simple way to validate spanish ccc numbers
  25. 755 downloads
    spanish_inquisition (1.1.0) A simple Ruby survey DSL which handles questions and answers. You need to manage persistence your...
  26. 1,845 downloads
    spanish_number (0.1.3) Express a number in spanish text
  27. 1,595 downloads
    spanish_pluralizer (1.1.1) Spanish Pluralizer is a gem for converting singular spanish nouns into plural. It works by adding...
  28. 1,820 downloads
    spanish_vat_validators (0.0.3) Provides validators for spanish VAT numbers (NIF, CIF and NIE)
  29. 2,346 downloads
    spank (0.0.1393558686) A simple ruby container
  30. 3,488 downloads
    spanner (0.0.2) Natural language time span parsing