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  1. 990 downloads
    spree_google_base (0.30.1) Provide rake task to generate XML for Google Base and so on.
  2. 949 downloads
    spree_google_checkout (0.40.0) Google Checkout extension for Spree
  3. 134 downloads
    spree_google_merchant (0.60.0.RC1) Add (optional) gem description here
  4. 4,546 downloads
    spree_grid_faq (0.1.0) Spree Grid FAQ adds a Frequently Asked Question section to your spree store. It allows questions...
  5. 5,174 downloads
    spree_grid_feed (1.1.8) Adds both /products.xml and /t/taxon.xml product feeds
  6. 344 downloads
    spree_gtpay (1.0.2) Enable spree store to allow payment via GTPay, a GTBank Payment Gateway for Nigeria
  7. 1,091 downloads
    spree_heist_theme (0.0.1) Heist Spree Commerce Theme
  8. 2,170 downloads
    spree_heroku (0.0.2) The major constraint on Heroku is that we can't write files to disk, so this extension disables a...
  9. 5,258 downloads
    spree_home_page_features (1.2.5) Allows you to edit articles in the spree admin, which will be displayed on your homepage
  10. 6,092 downloads
    spree-homepager (0.50.0) Spree extension that creates a homepage and enables a shop owner to place products on that homepage.
  11. 304 downloads
    spree_honeybadger (0.0.1) Improved honeybadger error reporting for spree
  12. 2,470 downloads
    spree_html_email (0.70.2) Provides html email templates for all Spree's outgoing emails
  13. 714 downloads
    spree_html_invoice (1.0.0) HTML Invoice Template for spree
  14. 1,857 downloads
    spree_i18n (1.0.0) Provides locale information for use in Spree.
  15. 1,210 downloads
    spree_ifmb (0.0.2) IFMB payments for spree
  16. 2,740 downloads
    spree_inactive_taxons (1.0.2) Add gem summary here
  17. 647 downloads
    spree_infinite_scroll (2.0.2) By default spree uses page based navigation for product listings. This gem replaces it with infi...
  18. 6,147 downloads
    spree_invoice (1.2.3) This gem provides invoice pdf generation from a html template via wkhtmltopdf.
  19. 1,129 downloads
    spree_jamef_calculator (0.4.1) Get tax from Jamef Webservice
  20. 512 downloads
    spree_last_address (1.0.0) During checkout, causes the address to be prefilled with the address from their most recent order...
  21. 383 downloads
    spree-last-address (2.2.0) During checkout, causes the address to be prefilled with the address from their most recent order...
  22. 358 downloads
    spree-line_item_discount (0.0.1) Apply promotion adjustments per items
  23. 779 downloads
    spree_loyalty_points (1.1.1) To award loyalty points and add loyalty points payment method to spree
  24. 4,265 downloads
    spree_mail ( Spree Mail extends Spree by adding a mailing list subscriber model, sign up forms and an admin to...
  25. 2,364 downloads
    spree_mail_chimp (3.0.2) Mail Chimp subscriptions for your Spree store using hominid
  26. 127 downloads
    spree_master_variant_price (1.3.0) Adds option in variant form to use parent product master price and modifies variant price method ...
  27. 1,031 downloads
    spree_mercado_pago_payment_method (0.1.1) Integrates Mercado Pago with Spree
  28. 6,535 downloads
    spree_minicart (1.1.3) Spree Minicart allows customer to add/remove an item from their cart without ever leaving the pag...
  29. 5,621 downloads
    spree_mini_contact (0.1.4) Basically the easiest way to implement a contact form.
  30. 3,120 downloads
    spree_mobile_views (0.50.2) Works through jQuery Mobile