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  1. 15,011 downloads
    sqlup (0.0.13) The author was too lazy to write a description
  2. 843 downloads
    sql_values (0.1.0) Retrieve SQL values using Active Record query interface but without instantiation of AR-objects
  3. 3,368 downloads
    sql_wrangler (1.0.0) Makes it easier to deal with SQL queries and handle their results. You can see how it works by l...
  4. 1,176 downloads
    sqlyzer (0.1) Sqlyzer is a Ruby Mixin able to store, load, update and delete Ruby objects and their relationshi...
  5. 775 downloads
    sqoop-ruby (0.0.1) Simple Ruby wrapper for Sqoop JDBC <-> HDFS import/export tool
  6. 1,540 downloads
    sqoot (1.0.0) Wrapper for Sqoot API. Using FaradayMiddleware
  7. 4,670 downloads
    sqrbl (0.2.0) SQrbL was created to help manage an extremely specific problem: managing SQL-based database conv...
  8. 314 downloads
    sqrl (0.0.0) A ruby gem for the SQRL authentication system described by Steve Gibson of
  9. 4,376 downloads
    sqs (0.1.2) Simple Queue Service accessing library
  10. 17,467 downloads
    SQS (0.1.7) SQS is a Ruby interface to Amazon's Simple Queue Service. SQS uses the Query API, exposing all th...
  11. 4,972 downloads
    sqs_async (0.0.7) A simple library that leverages Event Machine to issue requests to the Amazon SQS service while b...
  12. 1,484 downloads
    sqser (0.3.0) Library to queue and execute jobs via AWS SQS
  13. 1,152 downloads
    sqskiq (0.0.4) Sidekiq-like Ruby background processing using Amazon SQS
  14. 1,586 downloads
    sqspoller (0.0.3) An Amazon SQS poller that can be configured to perform actions upon receiving SQS messages
  15. 1,607 downloads
    sqs-queue-locator (0.0.2) Amazon SQS queue names need to be unique at the account level. This gem implements a simple namin...
  16. 4,146 downloads
    sqsrun (0.6.1) Generic Worker Executor Service for Amazon SQS
  17. 1,213 downloads
    sqs_transport (1.0.0) Provides simple enqueue/dequeue facilities for Amazon SQS.
  18. 2,322 downloads
    sqt (1.2.2) Client side quality validator
  19. 248 downloads
    squab (1.3.2) A rest API fronted database and web based front-end around a event database. Useful for visualiz...
  20. 247 downloads
    squab-bot (1.3.2) An IRC bot that allows reading and posting to Squab
  21. 725 downloads
    squab-client (1.4.1) A client wrapper for the Squab API, also includes the CLI tool 'squawk' for quick message sending
  22. 15,161 downloads
    squall (1.3.1) A Ruby library for working with the OnApp REST API
  23. 1,078 downloads
    square (0.0.4) Square API client
  24. 890 downloads
    square-activerecord (3.0.7) Databases on Rails. Build a persistent domain model by mapping database tables to Ruby classes. S...
  25. 922 downloads
    square-arel ( Arel is a Relational Algebra for Ruby. It 1) simplifies the generation complex of SQL queries and...
  26. 1,956 downloads
    square_bracket (0.0.3) Allows tags like [gist 12] in your markdown
  27. 450 downloads
    square-charger (0.0.1) Calculate amount to charge customers to ensure you get the amount owed after Square takes their f...
  28. 2,037 downloads
    squarecoder (0.0.2) A library to encode and decode strings using the square code encryption method.
  29. 3,725 downloads
    square_graph (1.1.0) A dimensionable graph that acts kinda like a grid. You can fill in spots with objects and then it...
  30. 23,330 downloads
    square-hoptoad_notifier (2.4.8) Send your application errors to our hosted service and reclaim your inbox.