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  1. 1,607 downloads
    ssh-locate (0.1.0) A CLI tool and its associated Ruby library that help you locate and reconnect to a running SSH ag...
  2. 2,347 downloads
    sshotgun (1.0.5) A lib for writing server management scripts in Ruby. Useful for managing lots of servers.
  3. 743 downloads
    sshp (0.0.2) SSHP - Let's Pablo memorize your ssh credentials
  4. 4,624 downloads
    ssh_runner (0.0.7) run scripts over ssh
  5. 794 downloads
    ssh_test (0.0.1) Test if we can make a successfull ssh connection
  6. 2,871 downloads
    ssh_voodoo (0.0.4) Ruby script to help with the task of running commands on remote machines via ssh. It supports pas...
  7. 643 downloads
    sshwitch (0.0.2) Manage different sets of keys in your home folder
  8. 3,019 downloads
    sshwrap (0.0.3) This provides a wrapper for ssh that execute a command on multiple machines, optionally in parall...
  9. 3,925 downloads
    ssh-wrapper (1.0.3) Ruby wrapper for ssh
  10. 373 downloads
    sshx (0.2.0) Extended ssh command to use multi ssh_config, namespace and command completion.
  11. 928 downloads
    ssi (0.0.2) A script which interpolates server-side includes for HTML files
  12. 1,489 downloads
    ssickles-tire (0.4.4) Tire is a Ruby client for the ElasticSearch search engine/database. It provides Ruby-like ...
  13. 5,552 downloads
    ssimsort (0.2.7) Sort images easily by their similarity
  14. 853 downloads
    sskirby-activerecord (3.2.1) Databases on Rails. Build a persistent domain model by mapping database tables to Ruby classes. S...
  15. 5,333 downloads
    sskirby-hydra (0.23.3) Spread your tests over multiple machines to test your code faster.
  16. 1,111 downloads
    sskirby-mongoid (1.9.1) Mongoid is an ODM (Object Document Mapper) Framework for MongoDB, written in Ruby.
  17. 4,358 downloads
    sskirby-resque-scheduler (1.10.14) Light weight job scheduling on top of Resque. Adds methods enqueue_at/enqueue_in to schedule jo...
  18. 2,353 downloads
    ssl (0.0.0) Command line tool to allow creation, validation, and installation of ssl certificates on sites on...
  19. 1,262 downloads
    sslackey (0.6.1) Checks a certificate via ocsp or crl to see if it has been revoked
  20. 5,627 downloads
    ssl_certifier (0.1.5) Adds root certificates to the OpenURI module so that SSL connections work properly in Ruby 1.9. ...
  21. 5,026 downloads
    ssl_enforcer (0.2.3) Simple Rack middleware for forcing SSL on specific subdomains of an application.
  22. 13,706 downloads
    sslrequirement (1.2.0) SSL requirement adds a declarative way of specifying that certain actions should only be allowed ...
  23. 70,186 downloads
    ssl_requirement (0.1.0) SSL requirement adds a declarative way of specifying that certain actions should only be allowed ...
  24. 17,535 downloads
    ssl_routes (0.2.3) Define your SSL settings in one place to enforce in your controller, generate URLs with the corre...
  25. 819 downloads
    ssl_scanner (0.0.2) Get ssl information from domains
  26. 1,509 downloads
    sslserve (0.1.2) Serve a local directory using this SSL webserver.
  27. 963 downloads
    sslsmart (1.0) SSLSmart is an advanced and highly flexible Ruby based smart SSL cipher enumeration tool
  28. 6,542 downloads
    ssltool (0.0.11) Orders and completes SSL certificate trust chains, maintains an up-to-date pool of viable interme...
  29. 885 downloads
    ssm (0.1.8) simple state machine is a mixin that adds finite-state machine behavior to a class.
  30. 5,608 downloads
    ssn (1.0.2) Encapsulates functionality for storing an unformatted SSN but formatting the SSN on print.