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  1. 1,049 downloads
    step_definitions_viewer (0.0.1) Shows step definitions nicely for rapid cuking.
  2. 24,524 downloads
    stepdown (1.0.0) Stepdown allows you to see where your most used Cucumber steps are, your unused steps and how the...
  3. 380 downloads
    stepdown-patched ( Stepdown allows you to see where your most used Cucumber steps are, your unused steps and how the...
  4. 17,669 downloads
    stepford (0.15.1) Automates FactoryGirl deep creation of models and their required associations avoiding circulars ...
  5. 1,044 downloads
    stepladder (0.0.2) Stepladder grew out of experimentation with Ruby fibers, after readings Dave Thomas' demo of Rub...
  6. 7,031 downloads
    step_master (0.0.6) Provide a simple and easy way to find and auto-complete gherkin steps, when writing cucumber feat...
  7. 4,403 downloads
    stepper (0.2.0) Stepper is multistep form (wizard) solution for Rails 3. Stepper allows you to split up your larg...
  8. 518 downloads
    stepper-instrument (0.0.1) Instrument your app to send metrics to a Stepper.
  9. 3,103 downloads
    step_rewrite (0.2.0) A Gem to Rewrite Ruby code from a special syntax into an evented IO form.
  10. 2,739 downloads
    steps (1.1.3) A way to simplify the output of shell scripting written in ruby. Integrates with Capistrano and ...
  11. 389 downloads
    stepstepstep (0.0.1) Stepstepstep
  12. 19,461 downloads
    step-up (0.9.6) StepUp manages a project's versioning through its entire lifecycle
  13. 688 downloads
    step_wizard (0.0.1) Hints for new users, how to start with application.
  14. 781 downloads
    stepy-rails ( Jquery stepy plugin as a rails gem.
  15. 4,123 downloads
    sterile (1.0.3) Sterilize your strings! Transliterate, generate slugs, smart format, strip tags, encode/decode en...
  16. 814 downloads
    sterilizer (0.0.4) Guarantee a string
  17. 362 downloads
    sterling (1.1.2) This is a ruby gem that can be used to interact with the Retailigence API. The responses are nice...
  18. 1,538 downloads
    sterling_api (1.0.7) For requesting background checks
  19. 558 downloads
    s_tester (0.0.2) Testing framework gem
  20. 12,228 downloads
    stethoscope (0.2.3) Heartbeat middleware for responding to heartbeat pings
  21. 4,961 downloads
    steto (0.0.7) Ruby engine to check system status (with Nagios or custom checks)
  22. 97 downloads
    steuernummer (1.0.0) Validates with regex the German Steuernummer and allows to return the region (Bundesland) and/or ...
  23. 4,030 downloads
    steve (2.0.2) Steve Jobs background job runner
  24. 1,217 downloads
    steve-capistrano-helpers (0.3.3) A set of optional extensions to capistrano to make common tasks easier.
  25. 1,922 downloads
    stevedore (0.1.0) Get metadata about PDFs and extract full-quality images. Wrapper around `pdfimages` and `pdfinfo`.
  26. 897 downloads
    steveh-browscap (0.3.0) A simple library to parse the beloved browscap.ini file (ported to ruby from Henning Schroeder's ...
  27. 1,831 downloads
    steveh-geokit (1.6.1) Geokit provides geocoding and distance/heading calculations.
  28. 12,624 downloads
    stevenson (0.9.4) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  29. 1,197 downloads
    stevequinlan-aws-s3 (0.6.3) Client library for Amazon's Simple Storage Service's REST API
  30. 2,249 downloads
    stew (0.6.0) Accesses the Steam Community API as well as the Store. Can show games for profiles as well as par...