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  1. 4,278 downloads
    storyboard (0.5.1) Generate PDFs and eBooks from video files
  2. 1,264 downloads
    storyboardlint (0.2.2) It's a pain to to keep identifier strings in your UIStoryboard and in your source code in sync. T...
  3. 66 downloads
    story_branch (0.0.1) Simple gem that fetches the available stories in your pivotaltracker project and allows you to cr...
  4. 2,328 downloads
    story-helper (0.2.0) A set of helpers/features to aid in implementing the StoryHelper concept in rails apps
  5. 1,145 downloads
    storys (0.0.5) A collection of stories is a directory (the container) containing 1..* HTML files (stories). Stor...
  6. 2,564 downloads
    story_with_ruby (0.0.3) i use it for practicing ruby and rails
  7. 2,873 downloads
    stove (2.0.0) A simple gem for packaging, releasing, and sanity-checking a community cookbook
  8. 790 downloads
    stow (0.0.2) A common interface to local filesystem, database (such as GridFS) and cloud based storage.
  9. 14,433 downloads
    stowaway (0.2.5) Locate files in a web project that aren't being used.
  10. 827 downloads
    str2duck (1.3.1) Parse string into obj
  11. 1,279 downloads
    str2hash (0.1.1) Tiny parser for converting strings to hashes (without using eval).
  12. 925 downloads
    str2time (0.1.0) Convert string time representations into seconds
  13. 2,241 downloads
    strabo (0.0.2) Simplified tokenization, stemming, and term-frequency map indexes
  14. 990 downloads
    strace-explain (0.0.4) Analysis tool for understanding strace data.
  15. 1,604 downloads
    strace_me (1.0) A wrapper around strace(1) that allows you to perform targetted tracing of a block. strace_me al...
  16. 1,394 downloads
    stracer (0.0.5) Central point for logging and tracing of system events using statsd and log4r
  17. 5,150 downloads
    straides (0.1.4) A more convenient way to return different HTTP status codes from Rails.
  18. 467 downloads
    straight_auth (0.0.1) The dumbest authentication system you could think of
  19. 981 downloads
    straight_dope (0.1.2) Straight Dope gets the actual URL for media content that is usually hidden behind a page.
  20. 778 downloads
    straight-jacket (0.0.2) Route constrainer for Rails
  21. 5,766 downloads
    straight_shooter (0.0.5) Takes screenshots of sites using WebKit and Qt
  22. 36,141 downloads
    strainer (3.3.0) Run isolated cookbook tests against your chef repository with Strainer.
  23. 1,106 downloads
    straitjacket (0.5.0) PostgreSQL constraints in Ruby
  24. 1,106 downloads
    strand (0.1.0) Get thread-like behavior from fibers using EventMachine.
  25. 3,330 downloads
    strangebox (0.0.4) minimal changed version of cwninja┬┤s GemInABox .. A sinatra based gem hosting app, with client si...
  26. 629 downloads
    stranger (0.1.0) Random real user-agents
  27. 3,570 downloads
    strap (0.0.7) Bootstrap new projects based on a template Git repo
  28. 3,702 downloads
    strapless (0.3.0) To create seed data based on your development database? Run the dump tasks, commit the files, and...
  29. 3,907 downloads
    strap_on (0.1.4) Twitter Bootstrap integration for Rails, includes CSS, JS, a FormBuilder and helpers for block el...
  30. 950 downloads
    strapper (0.0.2) Strapper is a tool to help you make sure your environment is ready to run your project. It uses t...