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  1. 5,151 downloads
    tube (0.2.5) A simple Ruby library to access the status of the London Underground network.
  2. 210 downloads
    tube_frame (0.0.1) A gem to get video frame from a youtube or vimeo url.
  3. 263 downloads
    tubeline (0.1) A ruby library for interacting with the London Underground Tube status API
  4. 891 downloads
    tubemp (0.6.0) tubemp is a tiny web-application which creates and serves thumbnail-images from YouTube embed-cod...
  5. 1,141 downloads
    tuber (0.0) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  6. 1,022 downloads
    tuberack (1.1.1) Test your application better
  7. 14,838 downloads
    tubes (0.2.3) A simple way to build a pipeline of tasks. These tasks can be configured to run in serial, parall...
  8. 4,989 downloads
    tubesock (0.2.2) Websocket interface on Rack Hijack w/ Rails support
  9. 109 downloads
    tubestatus (0.0.2) Provides London Tube updates in your Terminal
  10. 2,629 downloads
    tubular (0.0.5) Helper to quickly and easily generate HTML tables
  11. 3,643 downloads
    tucano (0.2.0) When taking part in a hackathon recently I was looking for a simple gem to pull products from Ama...
  12. 2,303 downloads
    tu-context (0.5.8) If you've ever wanted contexts in your Test::Unit tests, then context is for you. Your tests wil...
  13. 1,073 downloads
    tudu (0.0.5) Single person's minimum unit of task manager
  14. 2,500 downloads
    tuenti (0.1.1) A non-official Ruby API for Tuenti
  15. 25,997 downloads
    tuersteher (0.6.7) Security-Layer for Rails-Application acts like a firewall.
  16. 6,564 downloads
    tuev (0.7.1) ...
  17. 2,227 downloads
    tuff (0.0.2) Gem that adds same fail-fast functionality from rspec to test-unit
  18. 5,838 downloads
    tugboat (0.2.0) A command line tool for interacting with your DigitalOcean droplets.
  19. 394 downloads
    tugg_api (0.0.1) Interact with the Tugg API via Ruby's EventMachine
  20. 892 downloads
    tui (0.0.1) A collection of command line utilities to interact with
  21. 4,652 downloads
    tuio-ruby (0.2.5) library to interface with TUIO protocol
  22. 8,008 downloads
    tuiter (0.0.7) Yet another Twitter API wrapper library in Ruby
  23. 5,179 downloads
    tuk (0.2.2) A small library for sorting out uk telephone numbers
  24. 9,081 downloads
    tuktuk (0.5.3) Easy way of sending DKIM-signed emails from Ruby, no dependencies needed.
  25. 2,158 downloads
    tuktuk-rails (0.0.10) Not trying to compete with Bootstrap or Foundation because they play in another league. Just worr...
  26. 1,053 downloads
    tulios-brcobranca (3.0.0) Gem para emissão de bloquetos de cobrança de bancos brasileiros. Fork de
  27. 3,132 downloads
    tulios-brcobranca-rails2 (2.0.10) Gem que permite trabalhar com bloquetos de cobrança para bancos brasileiros. Fork de https://...
  28. 2,392 downloads
    tumblargh (0.2.2) Tumblargh aims to reduce suffering involved with building a theme by offering a way to fully deve...
  29. 8,297 downloads
    tumble (0.2.0) Library for accessing the Tumblr api v2
  30. 14,646 downloads
    tumbler (0.0.16) Let's make gem development fun! Tumbler provides common gem management tasks using a common set o...