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  1. 2,815 downloads
    vagrant-vmhosts (0.0.4) This Vagrant plugin allows you to add entries to the hosts file of the VM. This is particularly u...
  2. 557 downloads
    vagrant-vminfo (0.0.2) Plugin to get detailed VM info from Vagrant
  3. 1,173 downloads
    vagrant-vmware-freebsd (1.0.4) Provides vagrant capabilities for VMware FreeBSD machines.
  4. 626 downloads
    vagrant-vmware-fusion (0.0.1) The real gem is in HashiCorp gem servers. Please see
  5. 2,665 downloads
    vagrant-vsphere (0.8.1) Enables Vagrant to manage machines with VMWare vSphere.
  6. 994 downloads
    vagrant-vyatta (0.0.4) Vyatta Guest Support for Vagrant
  7. 19,352 downloads
    vagrant-windows (1.6.0) Windows Guest Support for Vagrant
  8. 233 downloads
    vagrant-windows-hyperv (1.0.2) Windows guest support for Hyper-V
  9. 1,920 downloads
    vagrant-winnfsd (1.0.5) Manage and adds support for NFS on windows.
  10. 208 downloads
    vagrant-winscp-sync ( A Vagrant plugin for syncing files on Windows via WinSCP instead of shared folders
  11. 17,708 downloads
    vagrant-wrapper ( Since Vagrant 1.1+ is no longer distributed via Gems, vagrant-wrapper allows you to require and i...
  12. 2,956 downloads
    vagrant-yaml (0.1.0) A Vagrant plugin that provides a Vagrantfile that looks in YAML files for project and VM settings
  13. 5,212 downloads
    vagrant-yaybu (0.0.7) This plugin adds a Yaybu 'push' provisioner to Vagrant
  14. 3,649 downloads
    vagrant-zentoo (0.2.1) Vagrant plugin to detect and support Zentoo Linux based systems
  15. 560 downloads
    vagrant-zfs (0.0.1) Vagrant-ZFS is a plugin for Vagrant to automate cloning and sharing ZFS filesystems from ...
  16. 949 downloads
    vagrant-zfs-box (0.0.4) ZFS plugin that uses snapshots and clones to speed up box creation for Vagrant 1.0
  17. 1,209 downloads
    vagrant-zz-multiprovider-snap (0.0.3) Multi-provider snapshots for Vagrant
  18. 3,317 downloads
    vail (0.2.0) Vail generates audible morse code. Currently it only works on Linux distros that have the beep ut...
  19. 7,036 downloads
    vain (0.1.2) View information about a GitHub account
  20. 2,576 downloads
    vain_routes (1.0.2) Vain routes is a Rails engine that enables you to view your routes in a filterable online view.
  21. 1,450 downloads
    vakit (0.1.4) A gem for easily getting salah times for Turkey
  22. 8,524 downloads
    valcro (0.1) Valcro is a validation library for arbitrary ruby objects. I's primary goal is to remain as simpl...
  23. 2,411 downloads
    valdemaximus-actionwebservice (0.1.1) A Library to programmatically create wsdl and soap apis in a rails project
  24. 13,301 downloads
    valdemaximus-conduit (1.2.0) A Library to programmatically interface with portal
  25. 7,073 downloads
    valdemaximus-xx (0.7.0) Extensions of standard ruby objects
  26. 1,220 downloads
    valentine (0.2.1) Valentine is a simple validation library for JSON and ordinary Hash based on an easy Hash based s...
  27. 1,279 downloads
    valerii (1.1.0) Convert integers to short strings and vice versa.
  28. 4,903 downloads
    valet (0.0.8) Valet helps you write the sophisticated command-line interfaces you're so used to from GNU/Linux....
  29. 900 downloads
    valhalla (0.0.1) No idea what this does currently.
  30. 413 downloads
    valiban (0.0.1) A gem to transform an IBAN number into europen account- and banknumbers