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  1. 1,660 downloads
    ways-and-means (0.0.3) Sinatra routes and Sinatra settings through configuration data, hash or yaml file
  2. 2,848 downloads
    waz-blobs (0.1.1) Client library for Windows Azure's Blob Storage Service's REST API
  3. 4,968 downloads
    waz-cmd (0.4.2) This gem allows you to perform most of the available operations in the Windows Azure Service Mana...
  4. 1,583 downloads
    waz-queues (0.1.0) Client library for Windows Azure's Queue Storage Service's REST API
  5. 36,192 downloads
    waz-storage (1.3.6) A simple implementation of Windows Azure Storage API for Ruby, inspired by the S3 gems and self e...
  6. 8,767 downloads
    waz-sync ( A simple client library aim to sync assets to Windows Azure CDN, using a modified version of the ...
  7. 1,575 downloads
    wbdv_packer (0.2) Compresses Javascript & CSS files on the terminal. Usage: wbdv_packer [options] [filename]...
  8. 5,681 downloads
    wbem (0.2.8) ruby-wbem allows to access a CIMOM transparently through CIM/XML or WS-Management
  9. 7,148 downloads
    wbench (1.1.0) WBench is a tool that uses the HTML5 performance timing API to benchmark end user load times for ...
  10. 450 downloads
    wbw20helloworld (0.0.0) This is a simple hello world program using ruby gems
  11. 1,866 downloads
    wbxml (0.0.2) The Wbxml library wraps libwbxml to enable handling WBXML, a binary representation of XML used i...
  12. 483 downloads
    wbxml-npn47 (0.0.2) Wrapper for wbxml2, a WAP<->XML converter
  13. 23,039 downloads
    wc (0.99.0) your ruby word counter experience
  14. 439 downloads
    wcag_color_contrast (0.0.1) Calculate the contrast ratio between 2 colors, for checking against the WCAG recommended contrast...
  15. 1,475 downloads
    wcapi (0.0.3) Ruby component for processing the WorldCat API
  16. 15,061 downloads
    wcc (2.3.2) wcc tracks changes of websites and notifies you by email and as of version 2.0 via XMPP/Jabber too.
  17. 828 downloads
    wcc-filelog-notificator (0.0.1) Filelog notificator plugin for wcc
  18. 1,516 downloads
    wcc-rss-notificator (0.1.1) RSS feed notificator plugin for wcc
  19. 1,632 downloads
    wcc-xmpp-notificator (0.0.2) XMPP/Jabber notificator plugin for wcc
  20. 10,271 downloads
    wcfrestcontrib ( The WCF REST Contrib library adds functionality to the current .NET WCF REST implementation.
  21. 1,179 downloads
    wcid (0.0.1) wcid is a ruby library for handling WorldCat Identities
  22. 596 downloads
    wck (0.0.3) A curated collection of CSS, HTML and SASS mixins for getting a rails front end off ground, rawne...
  23. 192 downloads
    wckbapi (0.0.3) This component provides a ruby component for processing the Knowledge Base API provided by OCLC. ...
  24. 9,615 downloads
    wcolorpicker-rails (2.1.6) This gem Provides the Websanova Color Picker assets for your Rails application .
  25. 1,246 downloads
    wcs (0.1.2) WCSTools wrapper for Ruby. Provides calculation and conversion of sky positions in astronomical c...
  26. 1,245 downloads
    wcwidth ( wcwidth ruby implementation
  27. 16,361 downloads
    wdd-ruby-ext (0.6.0) Some of these are borrowed. Some are original. This gem simply provides a single place to sourc...
  28. 19,445 downloads
    wddx (0.4.1) Ruby API for the WDDX XML interchange format (see From http://www.ope...
  29. 326 downloads
    wdi (0.0.3) TBC
  30. 4,467 downloads
    wdiff (0.2.0) string word diff with other string; Wdiff::Helper.to_html transforms diff string in html snippet