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  1. 1,146 downloads
    will_sortate (0.0.2) WillSortate is a sorting engine for Rails 3, useful to give your views the power to sort collections
  2. 1,684 downloads
    will_toggle (0.0.3) This gem will toggle page content, based on the current state of a check button.
  3. 4,695 downloads
    wilson (1.1.1) Wilson is a pure ruby x86 assembler. No, really. Worst Idea Evar. Why "wilson"? I want...
  4. 395 downloads
    wilson_interval (0.1.0) Makes it super easy to calculate Wilson confidence intervals.
  5. 758 downloads
    wilson_score (0.1.0) Simple, dependency-free Wilson score
  6. 124 downloads
    wimp (1.0.0) Ruby bindings for WiMP
  7. 29,292 downloads
    win (0.3.27) Rubyesque interfaces and wrappers for Windows API functions pre-defined using FFI
  8. 1,022 downloads
    win32-activate (0.0.1) activate window by process id
  9. 514,588 downloads
    win32-api (1.4.8) The Win32::API library is meant as a replacement for the Win32API library that ships as p...
  10. 24,924 downloads
    win32-autogui (0.5.2) Win32 GUI testing framework
  11. 5,745 downloads
    win32-captureie (0.2.0) Win32::CaptureIE - Capture web pages using Internet Explorer
  12. 5,800 downloads
    win32-changejournal (0.3.3) The win32-changejournal library provides an interface for MS Windows change journals....
  13. 11,969 downloads
    win32-changenotify (0.6.1) The win32-changenotify library provides an interface for monitoring changes in files or d...
  14. 56,105 downloads
    win32-clipboard (0.6.3) The win32-clipboard library provides an interface for interacting with the Windows clipbo...
  15. 197,067 downloads
    win32console (1.3.2) Win32::Console allows controling the windows command line terminal thru an OO-interface. This all...
  16. 81,031 downloads
    win32-dir (0.4.6) The win32-dir library provides extra methods and constants for the builtin Dir class. The...
  17. 327 downloads
    win32-dirmonitor (1.0.0) The win32-dirmonitor library provides a way to asynchronously monitor changes to files in...
  18. 27,790 downloads
    win32-event (0.6.1) The win32-event library provides an interface to Windows event objects. An event object i...
  19. 64,612 downloads
    win32-eventlog (0.6.0) The win32-eventlog library provides an interface to the MS Windows event log. Event loggi...
  20. 58,315 downloads
    win32-file (0.7.0) The win32-file library adds several methods to the core File class which are specific to ...
  21. 2,408 downloads
    win32-file-attributes (1.0.1) The win32-file-attribute library adds several file attribute methods to the core File cla...
  22. 4,586 downloads
    win32-file-security (1.0.3) The win32-file-security library adds security related methods to the core File class for ...
  23. 57,889 downloads
    win32-file-stat (1.4.1) The win32-file-stat library provides a custom File::Stat class specifically tailored for ...
  24. 1,867 downloads
    win32_filetime (0.0.5) win32 filetime api
  25. 2,069 downloads
    win32-input_device (0.0.1) win32 mouse and keyboard api
  26. 28,109 downloads
    win32-ipc (0.6.1) The win32-ipc library provides the Win32::IPC class. This is meant to serve as an abstrac...
  27. 888 downloads
    win32-job (0.1.2) The win32-job library provides an interface for jobs (process groups) on MS Windows. This...
  28. 3,506 downloads
    win32-loquendo (1.2.0-x86-mingw32) Ruby for the Win32 API of Loquendo speech synthesis programs
  29. 24,068 downloads
    win32-mmap (0.4.1) The win32-mmap library provides an interface for memory mapped IO on MS Windows.
  30. 23,720 downloads
    win32-mutex (0.4.2) The win32-mutex library provides an interface for creating mutex objects on MS Windows. A...