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  1. 898 downloads
    workflow_sequel_adapter (0.0.1) workflow_sequel_adapter is a persistence adapter for the Workflow gem. All you do is include this...
  2. 5,943 downloads
    workflow-to-galaxy (0.3.5) This script acquires information for a taverna 2 workflow from myExperiment (or from a file) and ...
  3. 6,390 downloads
    workforce (0.3.0) Workforce is an attempt to create a framework to develop background processes and controlling the...
  4. 767 downloads
    workify (0.0.1) Workflow library with DSL to define workflows, activities and integration with Mongo and Resque/R...
  5. 5,150 downloads
    working (1.0.1) Whoa — ☈king's rig
  6. 117 downloads
    WORKINGDAMNITAHRGHH (1.4.3) This is a test gem for the testjs jquery plugin.
  7. 57 downloads
    WORKINGDAMNITAHRGHHasdg (1.4.2) This is a test gem for the testjs jquery plugin.
  8. 1,633 downloads
    working_days (0.0.2) Add a number of working days to a Time object
  9. 6,523 downloads
    working_man (1.0.0) Start/stop your work apps for the day
  10. 2,077 downloads
    working-rails (0.2.0) Whoa — ☈king's Rails rig
  11. 1,122 downloads
    working-time (0.3.4) Need to figure out how many working hours are in a date range? Need to calculate around holidays...
  12. 1,126 downloads
    workiq (1.1.0) Workiq adds Sidekiq middlewares to track a job worker status. Status values are :queued, :working...
  13. 2,450 downloads
    workit (0.0.2) workit solves the following dilemma: As a developer In order to kep track of my time easil...
  14. 38,418 downloads
    workless (1.2.3) Extension to Delayed Job to enable workers to scale up when needed
  15. 5,928 downloads
    workling ( easily do background work in rails, without commiting to a particular runner. comes with starling...
  16. 1,235 downloads
    workling_delta_indexer (0.1.2) workling delta indexing for thinking sphinx
  17. 560 downloads
    workload (0.1.1) Distribute simple tasks to multiple threads with ease
  18. 2,021 downloads
    work_log (0.0.3) Log your work times to a file using a simple command line interface
  19. 2,373 downloads
    workmate (0.1.2) Ruby library for Workmate API.
  20. 9,731 downloads
    workon (0.1.2) Runs actions based on directories
  21. 4,800 downloads
    work-on (0.1.3) utility to manage projects and the terminal windows you open when you work on them.
  22. 802 downloads
    workon_rails (0.0.3) Opens project in RubyMine, starts guard, starts Rails server.
  23. 1,131 downloads
    workparty (0.0.2) JRuby infrastructure library library developed and used by Buzzware Solutions.
  24. 4,666 downloads
    workpattern (0.3.6) Workpattern performs date calculations that take into account working and resting periods.
  25. 1,606 downloads
    workpile (0.0.4) create subprocess by pipe. manage that.
  26. 9,691 downloads
    workqueue (0.1.4) A description will be forthcoming
  27. 40,165 downloads
    work_queue (2.5.3) A tunable work queue, designed to coordinate work between a producer and a pool of worker threads.
  28. 2,368 downloads
    work_smarter (1.0.3) work_smarter is a updated/modified version of the Komodo gem. It allows you to scale on-demand th...
  29. 3,103 downloads
    worktrack (0.0.8) worktrack is a gem to monitor your projects directory to track work done within all repos within ...
  30. 590 downloads
    world (0.0.1) Provides a small set of classes to Country realated data