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  1. 7,690 downloads
    yak (1.0.8) Yak is a simple command line app to store and retrieve passwords securely under a master password...
  2. 3,292 downloads
    yakg (0.0.10) Use FFI to access the MacOS Keychain
  3. 1,711 downloads
    yakka (0.0.2) Update your own restriction list to avoid visits to time-killing resources while working
  4. 2,207 downloads
    yakr (0.2.4) Yakr is a minimalist network tool for forwarding command output or arbitrary data to a remote host.
  5. 484 downloads
    yaks (0.2.0) Serialize to JSON-API and similar
  6. 1,575 downloads
    yakstrap (0.0.6) Yakstrap is a pure CSS framework that was written to be mostly compatible with bootstrap 2.0 whil...
  7. 1,928 downloads
    yalab-ruby-ods (0.0.0) This is using OpenOffice SpreadSheet document file via ruby
  8. 8,028 downloads
    yam (2.3.0) A Ruby wrapper for accessing Yammer's REST API
  9. 1,040 downloads
    yam2g (0.0.1) Leverages the json2graphite gem to connect to a munin-node process and convert all available data...
  10. 216 downloads
    yamakozawa (0.0.1) yamakozawa_first_commit
  11. 242 downloads
    yamalicious (0.0.1.alpha) Load configuration from YAML files and base64 encoded YAML environment variables into a Rails app
  12. 1,677 downloads
    yamato (0.0.2) List of useful rake tasks for rails projects
  13. 8,208 downloads
    yam-aws-s3 ( Yammer custome version of AWS-S3
  14. 361 downloads
    yambol (1.0.0) Load YAML files with symbolized keys. Simple. Easy
  15. 7,382 downloads
    yam-contacts ( A universal interface to grab contact list information from various providers including Yahoo, AO...
  16. 457 downloads
    yamd (0.0.2) This gem offers: classes to subclass and create a manga site crawler; a dowloader to use with the...
  17. 5,142 downloads
    yam-db-charmer ( DbCharmer is a Rails plugin (and gem) that could be used to manage AR model connections, implemen...
  18. 3,042 downloads
    yamdi (0.1.2) Yamdi is a ruby wrapper around the command line tool yamdi ( You'll ...
  19. 1,302 downloads
    yami (0.1.0) Yaml persisted config
  20. 4,901 downloads
    yaml2csv (0.0.3) yaml2csv converts between YAML and CSV files
  21. 4,737 downloads
    yaml2env (0.2.1) Stash environment-specific configs in YAML-files and load them into ENV according to best-practic...
  22. 324 downloads
    yaml2mob_locales (0.0.1) Write a gem description
  23. 1,733 downloads
    yaml_adapter (0.0.1) Gem yaml_adapter provides functionality based on ActiveRecord for group of YAML files.
  24. 2,149 downloads
    yamlade (0.0.2) Do a YAML file, and Yamlade take care of the HTML forms for you
  25. 728 downloads
    yamlclass (0.0.1) Gem to access YAML attributes as class properties
  26. 1,168 downloads
    yaml_command (0.1.0) YAML Command provides a command line interface to teasing apart and reconstructing YAML files.
  27. 5,001 downloads
    yaml_conditions ( This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  28. 2,218 downloads
    yaml_conf (0.1.2) Organize your Rails application configuration into a YAML file
  29. 6,706 downloads
    yamlconfig (0.2.2) YAML file based configuration object with an EASY interface
  30. 1,050 downloads
    yaml_config (1.0.0) This gem reads and manage YAML config files