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  1. 6,301 downloads
    zcc (0.2.0) zcc is a command line script for copy cataloging MARC records
  2. 9,153 downloads
    zclip-rails (0.0.2) Wrapper for jQuery - zClip (zeroclipboard). Adds easy copy to clipboard functionality to your Rai...
  3. 1,200 downloads
    zcloudjp (0.1.2) A Ruby interface to the Z Cloud API.
  4. 220 downloads
    zcollective (0.0.9) ZCollective is a tool used to configure Zabbix using data discovered using MCollective.
  5. 1,026 downloads
    zcore (0.0.1) zcore package
  6. 1,031 downloads
    zd (0.0.1) ZD implements zero-downtime migrations as a managed series of state changes, with hooks for you t...
  7. 1,339 downloads
    ZDevice (0.1.0) ZDevice is a Ruby DSL for assembling arbitrary ZeroMQ routing devices, with support for the ZDCF ...
  8. 3,713 downloads
    zeal (0.1.0) Zeal allows you to eager-load associations on ActiveRecord objects that have already been loaded ...
  9. 1,634 downloads
    zebra (1.0.1) Zebra is a HTTP proxy server that uses ZMQ as the wire protocol between HTTP proxy gateway(s) and...
  10. 1,112 downloads
    zebra-datepicker-rails (1.8.7) Zebra Datepicker packaged for rails
  11. 1,293 downloads
    zebra-epl (0.0.7) Print labels using EPL2 and Ruby
  12. 937 downloads
    zebra_zpl (0.0.1) Use ruby to describe labels, fields, and barcodes for printing via ZPL II.
  13. 743 downloads
    zebris (0.0.3) Zebris is a library to persist your object data to Redis. Its goal is to be as unobtrusive as po...
  14. 1,325 downloads
    zedbeans (0.0.5) gem for Zedbeans with all the applicable good stuff easily accessible
  15. 2,653 downloads
    zeddb (1.1.4) gem to access the ZedDB within Zedkit applications to CRUD application models, the KVS and queues
  16. 4,676 downloads
    zedkit (1.2.0) gem for Zedkit with all the applicable good stuff easily accessible
  17. 4,766 downloads
    zedlocales (1.1.3) gem for localization support in Zedkit applications to generate locale files and load translation...
  18. 2,623 downloads
    zeevex_cluster (0.3.6) Using a shared data storage service like MySQL, Memcache, Redis, or ZooKeeper, one process of man...
  19. 1,160 downloads
    zeevex_concurrency (0.0.2) Concurrency utilities including Delays, Promises, Futures, Event Loops, Thread Pools, and Synchro...
  20. 2,026 downloads
    zeevex_delayed (0.9.2) This gem provides a couple of classes useful for deferred computation.
  21. 3,432 downloads
    zeevex_proxy (0.9.6) This is a Proxy object; there are many others like it, but this one is ours.
  22. 4,222 downloads
    zeevex_reliability (0.1.3) Includes a general and an ActiveRecord StaleObject-focused retry loop
  23. 2,180 downloads
    zeevex_threadsafe (0.1.2) Utilities to help in creating thread-safe apps
  24. 2,231 downloads
    zeit (0.0.3) API client for API
  25. 7,521 downloads
    zelda (1.4.0) If you don't know what this is, you probably don't need it
  26. 1,076 downloads
    zemanta (0.0.1) Ruby client for Zemanta
  27. 3,772 downloads
    zemanta_client (0.0.8) This is a ruby client for Zemanta api.
  28. 5,725 downloads
    zemax (0.2.0) Describe package zemax
  29. 1,876 downloads
    zemus (0.0.9) Embeds various media URLs as viewable content
  30. 14,585 downloads
    zen (0.4.3) Zen is a modular CMS written using Ramaze. Zen gives you complete freedom to build whatever you w...