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autossh 0.0.10

An SSH connection helper

10 184 Téléchargements

autostacker24 2.9.0

AutoStacker24 is a small ruby gem for managing AWS CloudFormation stacks. It is a thin ...

719 165 Téléchargements

autostart 1.0.18

This tiny project just tries to create some autostart-related files. I dont think i...

16 585 Téléchargements

autostats 0.2.0

Scrapes data from to get all relevant information specific to a car based...

5 906 Téléchargements

autostrip 1.0.4

Automatically strip leading and trailing whitespace

2 526 Téléchargements

auto_strip_attributes 2.5.0

AutoStripAttributes helps to remove unnecessary whitespaces from ActiveRecord or Active...

869 405 Téléchargements

autostruct 0.1.0

Classes derived from Autostruct do not need to save the arguments to `initialize` a...

980 Téléchargements

autostyle 0.1.0

Make it easier to merge CSS styles together for a HTML element

1 381 Téléchargements

autosub 0.4.1

Ruby tool to automatically download subtitles (srt) inside your TV Shows folder

7 119 Téléchargements

autosuggest 0.1.0

Generate autocomplete suggestions based on what your users search

2 320 Téléchargements

autosuggest-rb 0.1.6

This is a gem that wraps the AutoSuggest javascript plugin

17 645 Téléchargements

autotable 0.0.2

Rails plugin to auto-generate Bootstrap-compliant HTML tables from model collections

3 990 Téléchargements

autotab-rails 0.0.4

AutoTab is a is a jQuery plugin that provides auto tabbing and filtering on text fields...

7 020 Téléchargements

autotag 1.0.0

Autotag content gem

2 886 Téléchargements

auto_tagger 0.2.11

Helps you automatically create tags for each stage in a multi-stage deploment and deplo...

291 758 Téléchargements

auto_tagging 1.1.2

A ruby wrapper library for all current top tags/keywords/terms extraction services , th...

11 442 Téléchargements

auto_tag_version 1.1.0

Generate auto tag

1 916 Téléchargements

autotask 0.1.1

Runs any shell command or rake task when specified files are updated. Requires the stak...

3 857 Téléchargements

autotask_api 0.3.1

Abstracted Autotask API 1.5 wrapper

565 Téléchargements

autotaskcrm 0.1.3

Commonly needed AutoTask functionality for Ruby projects.

9 622 Téléchargements

autotask_ruby 0.1.0

A ruby client for the Autotask API. The client tries to use a full-featured approach.

197 Téléchargements

autoterm 0.2.0

CLI tool to automate creation of iTerm2 sessions

552 Téléchargements

auto-terminal 0.0.1

Use Auto from the command line

4 094 Téléchargements

autotest 4.4.6

This is a stub gem to fix the confusion caused by autotest being part of the ZenTest su...

1 264 196 Téléchargements

auto_test 1.0

Automatic Testing Tool

198 228 Téléchargements

autotest-aniki 0.1.0

autotest with voice

3 283 Téléchargements

autotest-clear 1.1.0

Clears the terminal for every autotest run. Inspired from autotest-growl[http://www.bit...

5 970 Téléchargements

autotest-cucumber-notification 0.0.6

This is an autotest plugin that will notify you about the results of your Cucumber feat...

8 389 Téléchargements

autotest-doom 0.0.1

autotest plugin for showing bloody Doom grunt when specs are failing

3 862 Téléchargements

autotest-emacs 1.0.0

Makes UI portion of Ryan Davis' autotest.el work. Once upon a time included with ZenTes...

3 128 Téléchargements