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  1. 110 downloads
    autosftp (0.0.3) "sftp automatically"
  2. 2,719 downloads
    autosiege (0.0.2) A ruby CLI wrapper to siege
  3. 771 downloads
    autosize ( Small jQuery plugin to allow dynamic resizing of textarea height, so that it grows as based on vi...
  4. 6,584 downloads
    autosize-rails (1.18.6) Rails asset pipeline wrapper around jQuery Autosize:
  5. 1,190 downloads
    auto-space (0.0.2) 自动给中文英文之间加入合理的空格
  6. 6,870 downloads
    autospec.watchr (0.0.6) Intelligently runs your specs as you edit files.
  7. 12,557 downloads
    auto_sprite (1.1.3) CSS Sprites can get you down, don't let them. This gem automatically creates the CSS, Sprite and...
  8. 1,283 downloads
    autostart (1.0.4) This library is called autostart.
  9. 2,568 downloads
    autostats (0.2.0) Scrapes data from to get all relevant information specific to a car based on year, ...
  10. 41,695 downloads
    auto_strip_attributes (2.0.4) AutoStripAttributes helps to remove unnecessary whitespaces from ActiveRecord or ActiveModel attr...
  11. 3,760 downloads
    autosub (0.4.1) Ruby tool to automatically download subtitles (srt) inside your TV Shows folder
  12. 8,500 downloads
    autosuggest-rb (0.1.6) This is a gem that wraps the AutoSuggest javascript plugin
  13. 564 downloads
    autotable (0.0.2) Rails plugin to auto-generate Bootstrap-compliant HTML tables from model collections
  14. 76 downloads
    autotab-rails (0.0.1) AutoTab is a is a jQuery plugin that provides auto tabbing and filtering on text fields in a form.
  15. 814 downloads
    autotag (1.0.0) Autotag content gem
  16. 82,249 downloads
    auto_tagger (0.2.11) Helps you automatically create tags for each stage in a multi-stage deploment and deploy from the...
  17. 3,741 downloads
    auto_tagging (1.1.2) A ruby wrapper library for all current top tags/keywords/terms extraction services , this version...
  18. 1,926 downloads
    autotask (0.1.1) Runs any shell command or rake task when specified files are updated. Requires the stakeout comma...
  19. 3,393 downloads
    autotaskcrm (0.1.3) Commonly needed AutoTask functionality for Ruby projects.
  20. 2,027 downloads
    auto-terminal (0.0.1) Use Auto from the command line
  21. 555,829 downloads
    autotest (4.4.6) This is a stub gem to fix the confusion caused by autotest being part of the ZenTest suite.
  22. 76,545 downloads
    auto_test (1.0) Automatic Testing Tool
  23. 1,378 downloads
    autotest-aniki (0.1.0) autotest with voice
  24. 2,439 downloads
    autotest-clear (1.1.0) Clears the terminal for every autotest run. Inspired from autotest-growl[
  25. 3,517 downloads
    autotest-cucumber-notification (0.0.6) This is an autotest plugin that will notify you about the results of your Cucumber features run.
  26. 1,875 downloads
    autotest-doom (0.0.1) autotest plugin for showing bloody Doom grunt when specs are failing
  27. 1,195 downloads
    autotest-emacs (1.0.0) Makes UI portion of Ryan Davis' autotest.el work. Once upon a time included with ZenTest (4.0.0 a...
  28. 565 downloads
    autotest-exit (1.0.0) Plugin to make autotest exit after all_good hook. Sometimes I want to just check all my tests, b...
  29. 9,230 downloads
    autotestforphp (0.0.3) AutotestForPHP is based off of ZenTest autotest which is a popular Ruby tool for running tests as...
  30. 157,755 downloads
    autotest-fsevent (0.2.9) Autotest relies on filesystem polling to detect modifications in source code files. This is expen...