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acs2aws 0.2.0 December 11, 2018

Login and retrieve AWS STS Token using a any SAML IDP. Inspired by OAuth2WebServerFlow.

546 下载

metanorma-csand 1.0.10 December 11, 2018

metanorma-csand lets you write CSA Normal Documents (CSAND) in AsciiDoc syntax. This g...

3,234 下载

ruby-debug-ide-docker 0.6.1 December 11, 2018

An interface which glues ruby-debug to IDEs like Eclipse (RDT), NetBeans and RubyMine.

49 下载

metanorma-standoc 1.0.12 December 11, 2018

metanorma-standoc realises standards following the Metanorma standoc model This gem is...

6,307 下载

cloudevents 0.0.0 December 11, 2018

Provides primitives to work with CloudEvents specification.

49 下载

cyberweb 0.1.47 December 11, 2018

Cyberweb is primarily a tool-set project for the www, and secondarily a web "framework"...

128,058 下载

isodoc 0.9.12 December 11, 2018

isodoc converts documents in the IsoDoc document model into Microsoft Word and HTML. T...

12,324 下载

failuregem December 11, 2018

A simple Gem that includes everything you need to start right away with Rails programmi...

8,931 下载

bundler 1.17.2 December 11, 2018

Bundler manages an application's dependencies through its entire life, across many mach...

278,771,508 下载

ovirt_provision_plugin 2.0.1 December 11, 2018

Ovirt provision plugin sends API request to oVirt management to reinstall host id after...

5,349 下载