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Dependencias inversas para activejob Latest version of the following gems require activejob

influxdb-rails 1.0.3

This gem instruments your Ruby on Rails application using InfluxDB.

248.485 Descargas

table_sync 6.0.3

DB Table synchronization between microservices based on Model's event system and Rabbit...

232.315 Descargas

journaled 4.1.0

A Rails engine to durably deliver schematized events to Amazon Kinesis via DelayedJob.

162.851 Descargas

card 1.104.2

Cards are wiki-inspired data atoms.Card "Sharks" use links, nests, types, patterned nam...

160.975 Descargas

good_job 2.9.2

A multithreaded, Postgres-based ActiveJob backend for Ruby on Rails

151.192 Descargas

activejob-cancel 0.3.2

activejob-cancel provides cancel method to Active Job

144.137 Descargas

sqewer 8.0.3

A full-featured library for all them SQS worker needs

139.751 Descargas

active_job_status 1.2.1

Job status and batches for ActiveJob. Create trackable jobs, check their status, and ba...

137.651 Descargas

sidecloq 0.4.8

Recurring / Periodic / Scheduled / Cron job extension for Sidekiq

131.927 Descargas

textris 0.7.1

Implement texter classes for sending SMS messages in similar way to how e-mails are sen...

128.415 Descargas

datadog-notifications 0.6.7

Datadog instrumentation for ActiveSupport::Notifications

103.483 Descargas

faktory_worker_ruby 1.1.1

Ruby worker for Faktory.

99.272 Descargas

maintenance_tasks 1.6.0

A Rails engine for queuing and managing maintenance tasks

95.070 Descargas

kms_rails 1.0.0

Quickly add KMS encryption and decryption to your ActiveRecord model attributes and Act...

85.017 Descargas

gush 2.0.1

Gush is a parallel workflow runner using Redis as storage and ActiveJob for executing j...

82.789 Descargas

activejob-perform_later 1.0.2

Take advantage of Active Job you can perform any class method later.

74.441 Descargas

activejob-traceable 0.3.5

Patches ActiveJob to add trace_id attribute.

74.052 Descargas

api_me 0.14.1

This friendly library gives you helpers and generators to assist building RESTful API's...

69.074 Descargas

lev 11.0.0

Ride the rails but don't touch them.

67.814 Descargas

activejob-lock 0.0.2

Adapt resque-lock with ActiveJob

66.005 Descargas

delayed 0.4.0

Delayed is a multi-threaded, SQL-driven ActiveJob backend used at Betterment to process...

65.439 Descargas

dronejob 3.0.1

Scalable worker factory for ruby

58.046 Descargas

opentelemetry-instrumentation-active_job 0.1.5

ActiveJob instrumentation for the OpenTelemetry framework

54.130 Descargas

activejob-locking 0.6.2

activejob-locking lets you control how ActiveJobs are enqueued and performed: Allow on...

52.779 Descargas

activejob-lockable 0.2.0

Prevents jobs from enqueuing with unique arguments for a certain period of time

50.665 Descargas

chillout 0.8.9

Chillout gem tracks your ActiveRecord models statistics.

47.207 Descargas

maia 5.0.1

Manage device tokens and push messaging with Rails and FCM.

42.655 Descargas

webhook_system 2.3.0

A pluggable webhook subscription system

41.415 Descargas

resque-job_history 0.0.22

Keeps a history of run jobs by job.

41.045 Descargas

activejob-google_cloud_pubsub 0.7.1

Google Cloud Pub/Sub adapter and worker for ActiveJob

39.205 Descargas

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