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beautiful_url 1.3.119

This is a medium-sized gem allowing you to map symbols and strings to URLs. It is quite useful to use shortcuts that way. Currently however, it is mostly just used by myself so this will probably be utterly useless for you. Unfortunately I am also now experiencing "Run out of memory" so ... this has really become way too massive. :-) I plan to extend it to allow custom loading of yaml files for a later release, but for now, I do not think that this will be useful to anyone else. Please note that for most people this project is not too useful - it is rather small and was never intended to become really large. It is more of a basic building block I use in other projects, especially in Cyberweb or DiamondShell. The basic point of this project is to make it possible to convert the given input, either a string or a symbol, to a corresponding URL in these projects. This then allows me to treat input such as :ruby_tutorial as a linker to the real location of my ruby tutorial. If I ever re-shuffle this page on my local filesystem, and put it somewher else, then all I need to change is that single pointer in this project here, and all autogenerated links will continue to work just fine. A simple Usage example is this: require 'beautiful_url' BeautifulUrl['diacgi'] # => "/Users/x/DATA/PROGRAMMING_LANGUAGES/RUBY/src/diamond_shell/doc/DIAMOND_SHELL_TUTORIAL.cgi" You can also load your own dataset into the class, but as of yet I am unsure how this should be best done. There also is a bin/beautiful_url script which you can use. Since as of April 2018, this project has no external dependencies, but may function better if certain other gems are available on the target computer as well (such as colour_e, save_file or collect_first_word_of_case_menu). If you have specific suggestions to make this gem more useful for others, please drop me an email at: Thank you.


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