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bioroebe 0.11.12

Welcome to the bioroebe-0.11.x release series! It is recommended to use ruby 3.x for this series, as it is the most tested version of ruby in regards to this project. The bioroebe-project is a software suite focusing on bio-related life sciences in general - in particular molecular biology, molecular genetics, bioinformatics, biotechnology, system biology, synthetic biology and related topics close to the life sciences in general. The primary objective for the bioroebe project is to provide a "practical glue" between these different topics while also focusing on "getting real work done", as a toolset-project, trying to efficiently solve existing problems. For additional information about this project, have a look at the link called "documentation" on the rubygems webpage of this gem, on the very bottom right side (The direct URL is: ).


  1. 0.11.12 - July 05, 2022 (1.16 MB)
  2. 0.11.11 - July 02, 2022 (1.17 MB)
  3. 0.10.80 - June 24, 2022 (1.17 MB)
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Required Ruby Version: >= 2.5.8

Required Rubygems Version: >= 3.3.17