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colours 0.1.1

This library is called colours. It is a colour-related toolset. It aims to unify colour-related methods and constants into one project, usable for other ruby projects. I needed such a module because I often found myself in need of different, colour-related methods, so I thought that I should bundle them all together into one new project. These are colour-related methods that allow us to use R,G,B values for colours too. It thus may be especially useful if you wish to make use of more colours in your ruby scripts when you are also using the KDE Konsole. You will have more than 100 new colours to cherry-pick from! A separate test case exists in the subdirectory test/ to ensure that the basic functionality of the Konsole submodule works in a reliable manner. Some of these tests can output all HTML colours - from the commandline, for instance, this is also possible, by passing in the argument 'html_colours' or simply '1'. Example: konsole_colours html_colours Also have look at the file doc/ and the test/ subdirectory for the tests. If you want to test this module, look at the file in test/ directory, which includes a method that will allow you to test this module like so: Colours.test


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