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colours 0.0.48

This library is called colours. It is a colour-related toolset. It aims to unify colour-related methods and constants into one project, usable for other ruby projects. I needed such a module because I often found myself in need of different, colour-related methods, so I thought that I should bundle them all together into one new project. This gem also supercedes my earlier gems, such as AdvancedColours, AnsiColours or ColourStrings - these three projects have been merged into the Colours project. As of version 0.0.3, you can autoinclude this module into your project: require 'colours/autoinclude' This will make the Colours namespace and the Colours::AnsiColours namespace available. Also, the eparse() method was added as of version 0.0.4, which is a convenience method to use on 'Foo: bar' input. If you want to test this module, look at the file in test/ directory, which includes a method that will allow you to test this module like so: Colours.test If you have specific suggestions to make this gem more useful for others, please drop me an email at: Thank you.


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