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The Cookbooks Project is a collection or recipes, or cookbooks if you so will, over various different programs that can be compiled from source. In September 2014 we have collected a total of 2647 programs in the Cookbooks Project. To query the information provided by this gem, you can something like the following: cookbooks htop This will invoke the file bin/cookbooks. It will provide you the information about the program called htop (should you have it downloaded from source before, that is). This way the Cookbooks project allows you to build the foundation for a package-manager in Ruby on top of this project. In fact, this is how the Cookbooks project originated - I wanted to have a separate library that could be used to query program-assocated information. Another project, the RBT ("Ruby Build Tools") will then make use of that information. If you have specific suggestions on how to make this gem more useful for others or for yourself, please do feel free to drop me an email at: Thank you.


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