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The Cookbooks project attempts to provide the required dataset in order to compile or install programs from source, or from another location - in other words, recipes for installation and instructions how to build something. This can then be used in similar ways as the Linux from Scratch (LFS/BLFS) homepage listing programs and explaining how to install these programs, but the Cookbooks project can also be used as a building block for creating package managers or compile-tools in Ruby. The cookbooks project is, for example, used extensively in the "Ruby Build Tools" (RBT) project. In some ways, the cookbooks project and RBT together, are then similar to fpm or mac homebrew. There may be some philosophical differences, but the cookbooks project and RBT will attempt hard to provide a similar functionality as fpm and mac homebrew do, too. The similarity towards fpm is that the cookbooks project will also attempt to allow you to interconvert the dataset into .deb or .rpm files or even homebrew formulas, but this functionality is very limited (in 2017). It will definitely become better over time. If you wish a brief introduction on the commandline, do: cookbooks --tutorial Also consider having a look at the doc/ subdirectory of this project, for some more information. The Cookbooks project currently has exactly 3151 "cookbooks" registered. How does the format of a cookbook look like? Each cookbook is an individual yaml file which should contain all the required information to get it to install. Additional information can also be added of course, such as maintainer(s), extra information, tips and hints, sed-modifications, patchsets that are to be applied, and so forth. Before August 2017, the Cookbooks project used to depend on a gem called Configuration. I rewrote the code in August 2017 and now Cookbooks comes with an internal configuration parser, and thus no longer requires any external addon - the infrastructure will suffice for this gem. You can obtain the amount of registered programs from the commandline by issuing: cookbooks registered_programs? If you wish to display information in a colourized manner about a program, also on the commandline, use the executable called "scookie", such as in: scookie htop If you wish to support this project, for now please just test it and report any bugs or inadequate documentation. It is still in beta stage and it will take quite a long while before it can leave the beta stage. If you may wonder how this project may be useful to you, well - I think the target audience are only more experienced users, in particular linux users. While I will try to improve the documentation so that novice users can understand it as well, I think that there will not be many novice users who are even interested in such a project in the first place. One goal is to translate the instructions stored in the yaml file, into SQL instructions which can be used to populate a table - this is currently (August 2017) not working, but stay tuned, it will eventually work and be properly detailed and documented. How do I use the cookbooks project primarily? When I compile a program via RBT, such as by doing "compile htop" or "rbt htop", then ruby will compile the program htop for me, as specified in the corresponding "htop.yml" file, which is part of the Cookbooks project. If I need a change to the compilation process, I simply edit the htop.yml file and things will (should) work past this point - but I can also override settings from the commandline, so I have all the flexibility required available. If you want to see which programs are part of this release, and the corresponding version, please have a look at the following webpage: For any specific suggestions or questions, please do feel free to drop an email at: Thank you and have fun!


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