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cyberweb 0.5.192

Cyberweb is a tool-set project for the www. The project attempts to explore different ideas, including use cases as an (incomplete) web "framework". Thus, the project is of a somewhat medium-to-large size as-is. As a project, cyberweb is quite far away from being feature-complete or reasonably finished - consider the project to be more a proof-of-concept project than something that should be used in production. The cyberweb project in its present state is not fully documented, which is unfortunate - the documentation will be subsequently improved, until a 1.0 release will eventually be made available. I used the cyberweb project for many years to augment my ruby-cgi scripts. For these basic needs the cyberweb projects works fairly well. Since as of May 2021, sinatra is another option in this regard, so the cyberweb project tries to adjust to different use cases when necessary. .cgi scripts are not that common to see in use past the year 2015. Nonetheless I still consider .cgi scripts to be extremely SIMPLE to use. If you need a framework that is more sophisticated then it is recommended to look at sinatra and padrino instead. For more information about the cyberweb project, please look at the following link:


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Required Ruby Version: >= 2.5.8

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