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cyberweb 0.0.145

This is a web framework called Cyberweb, of about medium size - about ~250kb, including the documentation. This framework is still not complete, nor is it anywhere near finished, and it is not fully documented either - but I use it since a few years to augment my own Ruby-CGI scripts, and it works ok-ish for those basic needs. I still use ruby .cgi scripts - while .cgi scripts are not that common to see past the 2015 era, they are still extremely simple, and I really like simplicity. If anyone else may find this project useful, feel free to give it a try and provide some feedback if you so desire to - I will then have a look and see where the project can be improved. The release 0.0.5 added a dependency on a project called html_tags, which was created in order to separate the generation of HTML tags out of the rest of the framework. The idea is to hold a full HTML page in a special object, the so called "web_object", and to then .serve() said object when it is required. Which essentially is done through a .cgi page. To include the cyberweb project on a website, in your .cgi script for instance, do use this line: require 'cyberweb/autoinclude' You can then populate the @web_object object, which resides in the main Cyberweb-namespace, and which is also aliased through a convenience method called w(). If you autoinclude Cyberweb then you can use the w() method. This allows you to describe a webpage, such as by issuing the following code: w { title 'My first homepage' body_css 'mar1em' h2 'Hello World!' use_jquery } Inside w {} you can issue special instructions, such as use_jquery or disable_webimages. The former allows us to use jquery, the latter disables webimages. (Webimages are small icons that I find myself to use a lot. If you wish to use these images, have a look at ) A commandline program in bin/cyberweb exists. This allows you to generate a new skeleton such a via: cyberweb foo.cgi But you can also use it to edit the configuration setting, via: cyberweb edit Try both out if you feel like it. You can also get some feedback over what it can do, via "cyberweb --help". There also exists an interactive cyberweb-shell, which may be used to test out various things (it is rather unfinished though). Keep in mind that you can modify a lot of the configuration through the yaml files stored in the configuration/ subdirectory. If you have specific suggestions to make this gem more useful for others, please drop me an email at: Thank you.


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