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Reverse dependencies for dm-core Latest version of the following gems require dm-core

dm-zone-types 0.3

Timezone aware datatypes for DataMapper

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dm-postgres-types 0.0.6

Adds support for native PostgreSQL datatypes, including JSON, HSTORE, and Array to Data...

73,592 下載

dm-sql-finders 0.0.3

dm-sql-finders add #by_sql to your DataMapper models and provides a clean mechanism for...

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dm-is-searchable 1.2.0

A DataMapper plugin for searching

67,736 下載

dm-is-remixable 1.2.0

dm-is-remixable allow you to create reusable data functionality

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opentox-ruby-api-wrapper 1.6.5

Ruby wrapper for the OpenTox REST API (

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ronin 1.5.1

Ronin is a Ruby platform for vulnerability research and exploit development. Ronin allo...

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firefly 1.5.3

Firefly is your own personal URL shortener for your own domain. It's written in Ruby an...

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dm-parse 0.3.20

An extension to make DataMapper working on

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dm-ldap-adapter 0.4.8

ldap adapter for datamapper which uses either net-ldap or ruby-ldap

58,571 下載

sinatra_warden 1.0.0

basic helpers and authentication methods for using warden with sinatra also providing s...

58,257 下載

dm-xml-adapter 0.587

a XML adapter for DataMapper. this adapter allows you to use DataMapper with XML files ...

57,554 下載

dm-is-versioned 1.2.0

DataMapper plugin enabling simple versioning of models

57,287 下載

ncs_mdes_warehouse 0.14.0

Scripts and models for building and maintaining the MDES-based reporting warehouse for ...

56,970 下載

dm-appengine 0.1.3

A DataMapper adapter for Google App Engine

46,253 下載

dm-ferret-adapter 1.2.0

Ferret Adapter for DataMapper

45,337 下載

dm-rspec 0.3.0

RSpec matchers for DataMapper

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carrierwave-datamapper 0.2.2

Datamapper support for CarrierWave

43,537 下載

rails_dm_datastore 0.2.16

This gem patches all of the problems that appear from running Rails with DataMapper on ...

42,585 下載

tmin 0.2.6

tminusit is your own personal URL shortener for your own domain. It's written in Ruby a...

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dm-restful-adapter 0.0.7

Modular adapter for datamapper to access remote resources restfully

39,980 下載

fabric 0.4.4

Fabric is a small ruby app to perform tasks on servers via SSH. Built around net/ssh an...

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dm-paperclip 2.5.0

File attachments as attributes for DataMapper, based on the original Paperclip by Jon Y...

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sinatra-authentication 0.4.1

Simple authentication plugin for sinatra.

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Delayed_job (or DJ) encapsulates the common pattern of asynchronously executing longer ...

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dm-yaml-adapter 1.2.0

YAML Adapter for DataMapper

35,069 下載

ixtlan 0.4.3

this is set of rails and datamapper plugins for setting up a little more advanced rails...

33,561 下載

appengine-utils 0.1.8

some helper and util stuff for the jruby wrapper for the google app engine to make life...

30,724 下載

dm-mapping 0.7.0

DataMapper plugin that helps you manipulate an existing database. It creates mappings b...

29,966 下載

dm-postgis 2.0.1

Adds DMGeometry type to DataMapper that uses GeoRuby for (de)serializing Geometry types...

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