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easycompile 0.63

This library is called easycompile. It allows you to compile a given source archive, such as a file like "php-7.0.6.tar.xz". Let's showcase a few specific usage examples:'php-7.0.6.tar.xz') Easycompile.compile('php-7.0.6.tar.xz') Easycompile['php'] The above statements will try to compile the file called php-7.0.6.tar.xz, if it exists locally in the current directory. You can also specify the full location to the target file. Note that in the last case, when you provide "php" or let's say "make", then we will perform a glob operation and try to use whatever match is given, via Dir['*php*'] or Dir['*make*']. This allows you to not have to specify the real file name and get away with it just as a glob operation, hence why Easycompile['php'] or Easycompile['make'] will suffice. This of course requires that the file exists in the current working directory, too. You can also use http-links. That is, you pass in complete URLs, and Easycompile will try to download this remote fila via wget. .gem files can also be used. The commandline variant can be invoked via the bin/ecompile file. If you have specific suggestions to make this gem more useful for others, please drop me an email at: Thank you.


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