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This is my collection of Exams, in the project called "exams". The main namespace is: module Exams; end What are "exams"? I use this project to test my knowledge over various different topics, be it ruby, or biology or chemistry. For this purpose, I have defined a module in Ruby, which contains several constants - most importantly, questions that have a definite answer. The current name of that top-module is module PruefungsFragen. If I guess the answer to a question correctly so, then a trailing [] is appended to that question (issued through the script called solved.rb), which will mark said question as "solved". When a question is marked as "solved", it will no longer be asked again. In other words, we toggle on/off via trailing [] to a line. Note that I can not distribute this .rb file that contains all the questions because it is already 1.7 MB in size alone, having about 17.000 questions. 1.7 MB would make the gem way too big, and it would not be very useful for other people, since these questions are for my use case, not for the use case of other people. You can however download it if you want to, the URL is at: wget The purpose of this gem here is to distribute the code that I do use to load up the various different components, related to exams, including the above .rb file. I suggest that you use your own .rb file instead. For this purpose, there is a class called Exams::LoadDataset which will load the dataset. This class will also provide a convenience menu. You can specify to load your own dataset through a yaml file which contains the path to the .rb file in question - see the documentation for this, or just look at the yaml/ subdirectory, which contains the user-togglable settings. If other people would like to use it this project, I am open for suggestions how to make it more flexible. Otherwise, I will just keep it here as it is, as I do require it in a few of my other projects. If you have specific suggestions to make this gem more useful for others, please drop me an email at: Thank you.


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