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Reverse dependencies for font-awesome-sass Latest version of the following gems require font-awesome-sass

helena_administration 1.0.3

Helena Administration is a simple rails application that provides a user interface to m...

15,779 下載

wallaby 6.1.3

Autocomplete the resourceful actions and views for ORMs for admin interface and other p...

15,630 下載

goldencobra 2.3.4

This is the basic module of Golden Cobra. It offers Devise, ActiveAdmin, an article mod...

14,426 下載

storytime-admin 0.2.5

A simple alternative to Active Admin and Rails Admin

12,128 下載

webhooker 0.5.0

Webhook engine for Rails applications implemented as a Rails Engine. Extends rails mode...

9,713 下載

jekyll-font-awesome-sass 0.1.1

A plugin to add Font Awesome to your Jekyll site.

8,488 下載

awesome_tooltip 0.1.15

Server-side tooltips for your Ruby on Rails application with Vanila JS

8,252 下載


Kyruus modifications to Twitter Bootstrap and Font Awesome

7,728 下載

integral 1.5.1

Building a professional website on Rails has never been easier. Create fascinating blog...

7,394 下載

adminlte 1.4

Provides easy integration for Bootstrap admin template into Rails. ...

7,347 下載

archangel 0.4.0

Archangel is a Rails CMS

7,334 下載

coreui-rails 1.1.0

A is a simple gem for adding the CoreUI-Free admin template (by Łukasz Holeczek) to a R...

6,788 下載

help_kit 0.0.5

An isolated knowledgebase system for Rails that is mountable inside applications.

6,407 下載

commonwealth-vlr-engine 0.0.7

Blacklight plugin for virtual local repositories from Digital Commonwealth

6,007 下載

agilidee_commons 1.0.5

Agilidée Commons

5,837 下載

minimum-viable-product 0.0.7

Built for Developers. Ideal for MVPs, product ideation and validation.

5,822 下載

ogatstyle 3.5.0

Provides SCSS stylesheets and assets for OGAT websites.

5,043 下載

wobauth 5.1.1

Rails engine providing MVCs for User, Group, Role, Membership and Authority

4,895 下載

wobauth 5.1.1

Rails engine providing MVCs for User, Group, Role, Membership and Authority

4,895 下載

kadim 0.4.0

Don't let admins pull out your hair!

4,877 下載

upload_documents_tool 0.1.8

This tool is an easy way to upload documents of different kind. ...

4,623 下載

quick_search-generic_theme 0.2.0

Generic theme gem engine plugin for QuickSearch.

4,558 下載

adminlte_assets 0.5.0

Easy integration for Bootstrap AdminLTE template into Rails.

4,418 下載

app_kit 0.0.2

AppKit provides a full framework for rapidly creating data driven application through a...

4,279 下載

active_admin_face 0.1.0

Smooth the Active Admin interface

3,932 下載

cupboard 0.2.3

Write a longer description or delete this line.

3,715 下載

doc_log 0.0.3

Sync and view your DocRaptor log files locally. Prevents having to give out your login...

3,670 下載


Jekyll plugin, that allows you to write javascript/css assets in other languages such...

3,369 下載

aerogel-font_awesome 0.1.0

font-awesome-sass integration for aerogel applications

3,136 下載

poormans_trends 0.0.2

Some numbers from the database

2,907 下載

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