This Project aims to provide some convenience bindings for the Ruby-FTP base module. A first version for a GUI, written in ruby-gnome, is also bundled with it now, in the directory gui/. In general you should be able to use this project to quickly upload or download some (remote) files via FTP. Version 1.0.9 added the ability to download all specific files matching a certain criteria, such as: download *.xz Version 1.0.10 brought some minor improves, some exception handling and a new method command 'rlist' (or 'list2'). Version 1.0.18 improved upload() functionality. Version 1.0.24 fixed a few bugs and extended the GUI component. Version 1.0.29 added commandline HELP option and made a few changes to make this possible. When you pass HELP as first argument to the interactive ftp, we will now feedback all the help options on the commandline. Version 1.0.30 added the possibility to use something such as: upload 7,8 Version 1.0.35 fixed a bug in a check - the interactive component now properly tells us whether we are connected to a remote host or whether we are not. Also, the sinatra web-interface was extended. If you have specific suggestions to make this gem more useful for others, please drop me an email at: Thank you.

installgem install ftp_paradise

Robert A. Heiler

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