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magic_the_gathering 0.0.48

This project is called magic_the_gathering. It just bundles together some ruby code that could be used for the game Magic the Gathering (which is a registered trademark by Wizards of the Coast LLC, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc). Note that this project does not use any material from the above company - the ruby code here exists solely to aid you in an auxiliary manner. For instance, say that you wish to find out the prices of some cards in a .csv file that you have locally - this can be done via the method MagicTheGathering.parse_file(). Pass a .csv file and it will try to make sense of this (it defaults to european countries and thus euro as the new world currency; if others wish to make use of anoter currency, tzen you eiter you have to add the functionality to use other currencies by yourself or bug me to add this. I primarily add code that is useful to me - other people may have to use their own code to the project, in order to make it relevant for them. I will merge-back any code that would be of benefit to other people, including other currencies. But since I only use euros, I have no need for other currencies.) If you wish to join forces and bundle code that pertains to this game together, you can be a gem co-author too - just write me an email. For now, this just has some code to download some card and card info from the official homepage. At a later time, it may also have some methods to calculate the prices for cards automatically - but this is for the distant future. The only functionality that currently does work is to download full card sets pictures and the card list, the latter stored in a yaml file. If you wish to see the available options, invoke the executable: magic_the_gathering --help If "magic_the_gathering" is too long to type, add an alias. I added mine called "magic" on my system. See the file menu.rb for all options available. If you have specific suggestions to make this gem more useful for others, please drop me an email at: Thank you.


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