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multimedia_paradise 1.0.319

This project is a collection of video- and audio-related scripts - multimedia-related actions. What are multimedia-related actions? Multimedia-related actions are, for example, converting a .mp4 file into a .mp3 file or encoding video files into different formats. Cutting audio/video data into smaller chunks also falls into this area. Merging .mp4 files into a new file does as well. Extracting the audio from an .avi or .mp3 container. And so on and so forth. This can all be done quite easily via ffmpeg on the commandline anyway, but I did want to have an umbrella project bundling all these actions together into one place, into one ruby module, and to optionally use something else rather than ffmpeg. It includes, among other files, these scripts: video_player.rb (which is just a little wrapper over mplayer), copy_missing_video_files.rb (which is supposed to copy video collections from external HDD devices), ffmpeg_options.rb (which makes using ffmpeg more convenient), find_missing_video_files.rb (which will iterate over a yaml collection of video files, and informs us which one are missing), find_video.rb (which locates videos), google_video_downloader.rb (which is supposed to download videos), and srt_regex.rb (which should be usable if you need to batch-modify .srt files, when they have the wrong timestamp, for instance). streamripper_wrapper.rb (just a tiny, pure-ruby wrapper over streamripper) "Embedding" Youtube Videos is also possible. Adding a watermark to a video is possible as well, via class Watermark, which allows you to use FFMPEG to embed a watermark video using the MultimediaParadise.watermark() method. Since April 2014 you can also autoinclude this project by issuing: require 'multimedia_project/autoinclude' As of June 2014 we also included an AudioPlayer, which is essentially just a wrapper over mplayer. Note that some old releases had a mistake - the test/ directory contained an .aac data-audio file, thus being so huge. The project in itself is much much smaller, so that was hopefully a give-away that something was not quite right there. The faulty gems were yanked away.


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